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Bakersdozen replied to topic Struggling single mum

First of all let me say you shouldn't doubt yourself this is a tough situation. Have you been in touch with Barnados? They offer help for families like ours and there may well be other agencies, S...

Monday 06 February 10:14pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic Pregnancy cravings

The three things our bodies crave more than anything else -pregnant or not - is salt, fats and sugar. That's why women so often need chocolate at certain times of the month (not that I need that e...

Monday 06 February 10:05pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic First Time Mum Feeling tired baby unsettled for nap times. Three month old.

I think this used to be called "three month colic" back in the days!! I assume you pay up baby's wind every few minutes when you're feeding? If not, that'll help. Try laying your baby on her tumm...

Monday 06 February 10:00pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic Hemorrhiod or anal fissure help!

I've had the same problem and my doctor eventually (after several laxatives which failed) prescribed Lactulose syrup. It's very sweet so you can add it to a drink or water, and it not only make yo...

Monday 06 February 09:54pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic "Terrible twos" is driving me batty

This is the time when your toddler is just beginning to see how far he or she can push and if you're not going to have a real battle later on in life, YOU have to make sure that what you want comes...

Monday 06 February 09:40pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic Swisse appetite suppressant - bad or good??

Don't forget that losing weight whilst you're pregnant can lead to your baby putting on weight extra quickly once it's born. This is one of the reasons we are seeing so much childhood obesity - Mum...

Monday 06 February 09:34pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic 2nd baby on the way - 2 under 2 - worried..!

I understand there are various places who help, Barnardos is one, they can have your older hcild for a few hours a day just to help you get into a routine. Ask your Plunket nurse if you're in NZ, o...

Monday 06 February 09:28pm

Bakersdozen replied to topic Getting a bit nervous about feeding with these little fangs baby has suddenly started using

Most pharmacies sell nipple guards, they're a great help.

Monday 06 February 09:19pm
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