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lara&zac'smum replied to topic Any New mums out there

Hi Tevai, i am 25 yrs old and have a 2 year old girl Lara and a 12 week old son Zac, i live on the southside of Brissy and would love to chat. My email address is Hop...

Saturday 03 April 08:25am

lara&zac'smum replied to topic Does anybody have a child who will be 2 this yr????

Hi Mel! My name is joanne and I have a daughter who turned 2 on 25th February and a son who is 12 weeks so if you want to chat e-mail me at Hope to hear from you soon...

Saturday 03 April 08:22am

lara&zac'smum replied to topic Formula and Constipation

Hi, I have a 2 yr old girl and 11 week old boy which were both constipated using the Karicare gold, so I changed to Lactogen formula in which they both brought up their wind better and started havi...

Friday 02 April 05:35pm

lara&zac'smum started new topic how many bottles?

I have a beautiful 11 week old son, who has been on four bottles of 200-250mls since he was 8 weeks old, he sleeps from 8.30pm-6-6.30am and his weight gain is fine, but the health clinic have said ...

Friday 02 April 08:57am
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