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Libby8 replied to topic 2 year old not eating

Glad to hear other mums with the same problem. My DD no problems ever, my DS went from a big eater to no dinner at all.... I just let him go, I checked at daycare and he eats heaps there, and he ...

Tuesday 20 April 10:38pm

Libby8 replied to topic i know what you mean

Yep, my 2yo DD says everything is red. And starts counting from 2...? And when you ask her how old she is turning she says two minutes..... You have to love that... but I was worried about the c...

Tuesday 15 May 10:13am

Libby8 started new topic 2yo complains it is noisy

Hi all, I am taking my DD to the health nurse next week, but wanted to ask other parents. My DD whi is almost 2, covers her ears all the time with both hands and complains of it being noisy, she d...

Tuesday 15 May 10:11am

Libby8 started new topic Cheap High Chairs / Prams

Hi All, I found this web site with cheap prams and high chairs on there. The oo is the letter o. There is quite a bit of cheap stuff on there.... Enjoy.

Sunday 25 December 07:18am

Libby8 replied to topic cheating

Hi Aimee, I see no has replied, but you have lots of people reading... So here goes... I would like to say once a cheater always a cheater, but things and life in general is more complex than th...

Thursday 17 November 12:12pm

Libby8 started new topic When to stop wrapping

Hi, My daughter is 4.5 months old, and I have been told by friends I need to stop wrapping her. I find that she sleeps better when wrapped, but people say becuase she is starting to roll I need t...

Thursday 13 October 01:48pm

Libby8 replied to topic look what i found!!!!

I don't know anyone, but my sister hinted that my 5 month old was getting too old to be breastfeed... WHAT THE???? I am going to show her this, mind you, I am weaning at the moment becuase I have...

Thursday 13 October 03:14am

Libby8 replied to topic Horrible I know but it made me feel better!!

LOL.... That is good... Why is that though... my 3 month old is soooo well behaved on the weekends when DH is home and makes it look like I watch TV all day!!!

Wednesday 07 September 05:50am

Libby8 replied to topic Sleep?...Tried everything!

Hi Kel, Hang in there... the breastfeeding and period question is an interesting one... The Breastfeeding Association will be able to tell you. I found writing down what I am doing worked (feed t...

Sunday 04 September 07:48am

Libby8 started new topic 30 minute sleeps

HI All, My bubs is now 13 weeks and has started this 40 minute nap thing during the day... She sleeps for 12 hours at night, with a little feed at about 5am, but during the day has started havi...

Sunday 04 September 06:02am

Libby8 started new topic What is that gel in the nappy?

Hi All, Has anyone noticed the cledar gelly stuff on their childs bum when changing their nappy. I noticed it is mainly huggies that do it? Sometimes it is almost like salt? What is that?

Friday 02 September 05:45am

Libby8 started new topic Much loved family pet

Hi All, My DH and I have had our dog for about 5 years. She is inside and we just adore her! She would sit with us all night on the couch etc... Since I have had bubs, I just don't have time fo...

Saturday 30 July 07:26am

Libby8 started new topic Hiccups

Does anyone know what causes hiccups and what I can do to stop them....? My 2 month old gets them 3 - 4 times a day.... I find if I put her on the breast they go, but there has to be an easier wa...

Friday 29 July 09:15am

Libby8 started new topic Health Nurse Line

Has anyone else had trouble calling the Maternal Health Nurse Line (the one 13 number)? I have tried to call that number 5 or more times for some advice and the number is always busy or I am on ho...

Friday 29 July 05:30am

Libby8 started new topic Weight Loss Here I Come

Hi All, I have decided to use this thread as a way for me to stay commited to my weight loss effort (this will be attempt 4 for me since I had #1 child, Hayley). A little history, before falling ...

Tuesday 26 July 06:58am

Libby8 replied to topic kidz expo in melbourne

Just on the Kidz Expo topic, I went to this expo and was quite disappointed.... The parents and baby one is better in October. I had my cash ready to buy a baby carrier or sling and couldn't see ...

Monday 25 July 12:24pm

Libby8 started new topic Nameing Day

HI All, Quick question, what is the difference between a Christening and a Naming Day. Apart from the obvious - one is a relgious ceremony and the other isn't, I am wanting to know what a nameing...

Monday 25 July 12:05pm

Libby8 replied to topic Double strollers

Hi Jem, My sister used one of those one in front of the other prams, and it was terrible to push. My girlfriend is using the Valco with the toddler seat, for her 2 year old and new born and she t...

Thursday 07 July 10:21am

Libby8 started new topic Kidz Expo

Hi All, Anyone know how I can get my hands on some 2 for 1 tickets for the Kidz Expo in Melbourne? Mandy

Monday 04 July 06:25am

Libby8 started new topic Winnie the Pooh on huggies

A silly thought (maybe becuase I am sleep deprived and delirious). I was reading the post about what we think of the new huggies with winnie the pooh on them and started to chuckle. The new nappi...

Monday 04 July 06:24am
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