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beceme replied to topic Breech baby

Hello, With my second daughter I found out she was breech at my 33 week scan. I was told to wait and see if she would turn by people but the sonographer seemed pretty sure she wasn't going to move....

Tuesday 03 April 11:48am

beceme replied to topic How much bigger does bub get?

Hello, when I had a scan at 33 weeks the sonographer told me the baby normally doubles or 1/4's its weight from that scan. My baby was 1.5 kilso at 33 weeks and turned out 2.6 kilos. So it was a bi...

Tuesday 27 March 11:18am

beceme replied to topic Signs of pregnancy??

hello, the symptoms sound promising. They are all the classic signs of prenancy. I got no symptoms with my two till 7 and 8 weeks. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd now and have only just started f...

Tuesday 27 March 11:13am

beceme replied to topic all boys or all girls

Hello, I'm a mum of two girls and did try this time for a boy, I did lots of research and charting for months but at the time got impatient and did the dead at the wrong time. I'm just over 4 week...

Tuesday 13 March 02:48pm

beceme replied to topic TWW now?

hi all, I'm also in the TWW, AF due on 8th of Feb. Good luck to everyone else, I'll be praying for everyone. It's only month 1 for us though so I won't get my hopes up. DD#1 and DD#2 were first sho...

Sunday 28 January 09:02pm

beceme replied to topic ovulation tests

Hello there, I'm currently just starting ttc our third, I've been trying to chart my cycle with ovulation tests and all soughts of things but have only just got my cycle back as I was still feeding...

Tuesday 23 January 02:05pm

beceme started new topic lump on cervix

Hello, I've just started tracking my cerix position in the last month intending on falling pregnant with my third child soon. Three days ago I noticed a small lump on the outside of the cervix whic...

Friday 10 November 04:01pm

beceme replied to topic Pregnant already?...

Hello again, I'm the other 'stupid' one who was talking to you about the microscope. ( Thanks again.) Hear I am again with similar questions as you. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on Saturday, though I...

Thursday 09 November 02:20pm

beceme replied to topic ttc at christmas time any good tips

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear about all your losses, this must be extremley hard to deal with. You sound very strong though and it is wonderful to hear your determination. I have personally never suffer...

Sunday 29 October 10:08pm

beceme started new topic TMI - cervix soft after ovulation

Does anyone recall what position or feel their cervix had after concieving. At 5 weeks pregnant I checked with my second daughter and it was low and very wide, sought of soft. I have been trying to...

Thursday 12 October 12:16pm

beceme replied to topic Breech baby

Hello My second DD was breech from about 32 weeks. She was head down for most of the appoitments leading up to my 33 week scan but at 32 weeks she went head up. People told me there was still time...

Monday 25 September 01:25pm

beceme replied to topic Trying to fall pregnant while breastfeeding

Hello, I would dearly love to fall pregnant also. I'm currently feeding my 9 month old DD, 4 times a day and sometimes through the night. I fed my first DD till she was 12.5 months and got AF back ...

Monday 25 September 12:50pm

beceme replied to topic breastfeeding and still no peroid

Hello Kristen, My second daughter is going on 9 months and I'm still breastfeeding her. I would like to fall pregnant in the next few months but still have no sign of my period as well. I fed my 1...

Tuesday 12 September 11:56am

beceme replied to topic How long after a cesarean??

Hello I asked my obstetrician that question and he said the scar only needs three months to heal so even if you fall preggas a matter of weeks after the c-section you've still got 9 months worth o...

Tuesday 15 August 11:39am

beceme replied to topic Implantation, How heavy can it be?

Hello I had implantation bleeds with both of my DD's, it lasted for 1 and a half to 2 days and was really just spotting or a little blood when you wiped. If you've got all the symptoms and it's ju...

Tuesday 08 August 11:29am

beceme replied to topic Planning for next time round

helllo, To put it sought of simple, If you want a boy, bd once at ovulation. If you want a girl, bd regulary leading up to ovulation, but you must stop 3 days before ovulation. Male sperm swim fa...

Tuesday 08 August 11:05am

beceme started new topic sickness at implantation

Just a silly question, has anyone experienced feeling nauscious ( ? not sure on spelling ) at the time the embryo implanted in the uterus. Usuually 7 - 10 days after concieving?

Tuesday 08 August 08:53am

beceme started new topic still breech?

My baby has been head down since 20 weeks, then at my 33 week scan I was told baby is breech. I had an ob appointment a week later and still breech. I've tried breech tilts and am sure I felt the b...

Friday 25 November 11:31am

beceme replied to topic 2nd bubby due feb06

Hello, I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant due on the 28th of December with my 2nd. My daughter is almost 16 months old. How are you finding it coping with your toddler and the demands of prenancy, mi...

Friday 14 October 01:20pm

beceme started new topic 9 weeks pregnant, told 6 weeks

Has anyone ever heard of this happening or had it happen to them. My sisiter in law went for a dating scan last friday when she was meant to be 9 weeks 4 days and was told that she is only 6 weeks ...

Friday 14 October 12:58pm
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