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DaisyT replied to topic Post preg weight

I was incredibly lucky and literally dropped all the weight within 2 weeks of having my son. In saying that I only put on 18kg during my pregnancy, went up 1 dress size and had a very small bump. I...

Wednesday 31 October 06:55pm

DaisyT replied to topic Bath vs Shower?

I mainly shower my son as it's more convenient for me. I have a shower than hubby brings bub in and I clean him while hubby holds. I get out dry myself than hubby hands me bub and I get bub dried a...

Thursday 28 June 05:02pm

DaisyT replied to topic 6 week old- Naps during the day.

My son was the same around this age, it was a great excuse to do nothing but drove me bonkers after a while. I ended up buying a baby bjorn and popping him in that, he didnt particularly like it at...

Monday 25 June 08:51am

DaisyT replied to topic Partner trouble...

My partner have a slightly larger age gap compared to you and your partner (I'm only a year older than yourself), however I honestly believe that age gap plays a significant role in regards to how ...

Thursday 22 March 12:58am

DaisyT replied to topic hes sleeping in the lounge room

I think you're over thinking his wanting to sleep in another room too much. My DF loathes having his sleep interrupted. I used to wake up and find DF fast asleep on the couch because apparently I t...

Thursday 15 March 02:04am

DaisyT replied to topic Weight gain?

My pre-pregnancy weight was about 53kg. When I was 3 months I had only put on 2 kg. At 5 months an additional 3 kg. I weighed myself last week at 33 weeks and was incredibly shocked to see I now we...

Wednesday 14 March 11:52pm

DaisyT replied to topic Single, 18 and 23 weeks. Advice?

My answer to question one: Unfortunately pregnancy does effect your body permanently and things are 'never' the same. However, I disagree with women who say it's impossible to return to your origin...

Wednesday 14 March 09:22pm

DaisyT replied to topic New Years Eve babies

My Dad is a New Years Eve Birthday Boy and he's learned to love it. Now he just says, "Everyone celebrates MY birthday!" haha.

Wednesday 14 March 08:38pm

DaisyT replied to topic constipation

I was having really bad constipation issues a couple of weeks ago and I found that Pear Juice was my new best friend. I can't stand cranberry or prune juice so I opted for 2 glasses of Pear Juice a...

Wednesday 14 March 08:19pm
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