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cymton replied to topic no teeth!!!!

My sister gave me this tip and swears it works, but I haven't tried it so I don't guarantee it! She cooked up some steak and gave big pieces to her kids to chew on when she thought they were start...

Friday 14 January 07:11pm

cymton replied to topic 2 Yr old with anemia

One other thing, have you tried doing roast beef and her snacking on cold slices of that during the day? Easy and quick to eat and packed full of iron.

Thursday 13 January 08:46pm

cymton replied to topic 2 Yr old with anemia

I am allergic to red meat, so I know a bit about getting enough iron! The biggest thing is to make sure she has some form of vitamin C with her food. Orange juice is good, berries are great or fr...

Thursday 13 January 08:44pm

cymton replied to topic How to freeze food

I haven't had an issue with the potato, although it seems slightly watery. Do you mix anything with the potato before you freeze it? I just have the potato as DD can't have milk etc.

Thursday 13 January 08:24pm

cymton replied to topic cold fruits in fridge

Well, my DD's favourite food is berries straight from the freezer! So cold food is fine and I am no expert, but I think leaving yogurt on the bench is not that good a thing. Give it straight from...

Thursday 13 January 08:22pm

cymton replied to topic routine for 1 year old??

My DD turned one just before Christmas and this is her current routine: 8am - Wake up 8.30 - Bottle, then 1 weetbix. Playtime 10 - Sleep 11.30 - Awake and playtime 12.30 - Lunch 3.30 - Bottle ...

Thursday 13 January 08:14pm

cymton replied to topic Introducing Solids to baby with Allergies

Have you looked at things like grass? My DD cannot go onto grass without having a huge reaction. Lucky for me she hates going onto it, so always stays on the blanket, except on NY Day and so that...

Wednesday 05 January 10:13pm

cymton replied to topic eczema anything that really works?

My daughter has quite a few allergies and it can be really hard when you think you have been so careful and somehow they manage to get something on them that causes a reaction. It might be that th...

Friday 24 December 04:43pm

cymton replied to topic Everyone welcome Centralcoast meet this monday 22nd

I have just found this section of huggies!!! Any chance you guys are meeting again soon???

Monday 06 December 08:10am

cymton replied to topic how much is too much?

Glad to hear she is enjoying her food. If she is gulping that much down on the first try then I would stick to that amount. As for sticking with the pear and rice, I would do this for a week or s...

Saturday 04 December 11:07am

cymton replied to topic 15wk girl, really bad wind

Hi Kitty, How is the wind problem going? I hope it is starting to sort itself out and not causing as many problems. Cranial Osteopaths work with the bones in the skull. Sounds very scarey, but i...

Friday 03 December 11:48am

cymton replied to topic In-laws, somebody help me please!!!

Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about your marraige problems. It is hard to stay together if you don't trust him. I hope you work out what is best for the three of you. If he can't accept how bad ...

Wednesday 01 December 09:35am

cymton replied to topic She keeps getting thrush

Not sure if you do this, but have you tried using Sudocrem every time you change her nappy? It puts a barrier between them and the wee and poo so it might help to stop it. If she does a poo at th...

Wednesday 01 December 07:14am

cymton replied to topic his tooth is through but...

Hi Em, It might have moved but watching it everyday makes it seem like it hasn't!!! I didn't realise just how much Jamie's had grown until I saw a picture of her from a few weeks before. But hav...

Saturday 27 November 08:16pm

cymton replied to topic does chlorine stir up eczema?

My daughter has quite severe eczema and I take her to swimming lessons. I have found that it does stir it up a bit, but not enough for me to stop taking her. At the end of the lessons I take her ...

Saturday 27 November 03:39pm

cymton replied to topic Help! My now 3month old son has Severe Reflux and I need advice.

Have you thought about alternate medicine. I love my cranial osteopath and think that they work miracles with kids with reflux problems. It is really gentle and I haven't heard of anyone who hasn...

Thursday 25 November 04:36pm

cymton replied to topic 15wk girl, really bad wind

I go on and on about them, but you might want to try a cranial osteopath for her wind. They can work wonders for it. I know it doesn't always work, but I have yet to hear of anyone who hasn't bee...

Thursday 25 November 07:47am

cymton replied to topic Constipation

A bit late I know, but anyone who has this type of problem might want to try a cranial osteopath. The work with the bones in the skull and can help with a wide range of problems including bad wind...

Wednesday 24 November 02:14pm

cymton replied to topic when for solids?

The new rules say wait until 6 months. However from a lot of posts that I have seen on this site and others, those that wait until then have a really hard time getting their little ones to eat. I...

Tuesday 23 November 08:40pm

cymton replied to topic playtime

Have you tried leaving her to play by herself? Sounds a bit weird if she is whiney with you playing with her, but it might be that she is a bit over stimulated and would rather play by herself. G...

Tuesday 23 November 08:32am
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