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Sarasi replied to topic When and how to get rid of those bottles!

he will leave it gradually. give him some suggestions that drinking from bottle is not good for health and if he drinks from cups, he will grow fast. I hope it will work.

Thursday 16 August 03:02pm

Sarasi replied to topic scary pains

I think if pain is upper the stomach, it has no relation to pregnancy. and if pain is in lower area of stomach, then it might have relation with pregnancy.

Tuesday 31 July 01:37am

Sarasi replied to topic How old is too old?

I think it also depends on health of woman to conceive at such a high age. And i also think that it is maximum limit of age to conceive but a wonder for twins.

Friday 22 June 01:33am

Sarasi replied to topic Bride Stripped Bare

It is great. May it come on

Sunday 01 April 05:59am

Sarasi replied to topic need advice

I pray for you. New to guggies

Sunday 01 April 05:54am
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