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Sandi M replied to topic how big is your baby?????

Isn't it a classic how us mums all stress out about bubs weight! If i had a dollar for every time someone said to me 'oh he's so little' I would be very wealthy indeed! My son is six months and 6...

Wednesday 02 February 07:55am
Sandi M

Sandi M replied to topic ANYBODY WITH JULY 2004 BABIES??

Wow there certainly seems to be a lot of July bubs! My first son Jonathan was born on 27th July, 2004 - my wedding anniversary. He was actually due on the 23rd and although late, decided to make a...

Wednesday 02 February 07:42am
Sandi M

Sandi M replied to topic Rolling when trying to put to sleep

My six month-old has just started this in the last week or so. He sleeps mostly on his side but now rolls so far over he gets both legs and one arm stuck out of the cot! Then of course he can't ge...

Thursday 20 January 12:39pm
Sandi M

Sandi M replied to topic Ummm...SEX!!

What a tricky one - my son was born 3 months ago and I escaped with only a few grazes but sex is still uncomfortable. In saying that though - plenty of lubricant and a condom helps immensely but m...

Friday 05 November 12:30pm
Sandi M
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