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AMH started new topic THE MEANING OF A NAME .... HELP!!!

Hi, I like the meaning of names and feel they represent something special..... My 7YO name is Lylli (Lily - beautiful and peaceful, flower) My 6YO name is Leinila (means Pride and strength, a ti...

Wednesday 22 November 06:54pm


I have 3 children and only the oldest two are currently baptised -- they have different god parents -- My eldest has the best God parents.... Really close family friends, they see her as much as t...

Wednesday 08 November 07:09pm

AMH replied to topic 25 with 3 kids going on 4 Any one out their like me??

Just like you but younger im 22 with a 6year old girl 5 year old girl and 19mth old boy and planning #4 - it could be in the oven baking as we speak (going to buy PG test today - how exciting:) i...

Tuesday 25 April 07:03am

AMH replied to topic LARGE BABY???

LOL I hate when people or nurse say "Size is a concern" --- Let me start by saying my son was born 56cm length 11pounds weight (which is 4990K) ill follow by saying i am only 157cm tall - and his ...

Tuesday 25 April 06:50am

AMH replied to topic Screaming - Driving me crazy!!

My lil' man is only 19mths and his been doing lil' tantrems. he literally sits, lays down head in the floor and cries!!!! at the start it was cute but Annoying and Naughty!!!!!! and just now his...

Tuesday 25 April 06:38am

AMH replied to topic Sleep and bottles??

Hi, My lil' man is only 19mths but I feel the through the night bottle is to come of his routine now a days... When i had his check up on his 18mths review i spoke with the nurse who gave the fol...

Tuesday 25 April 06:19am

AMH replied to topic looking for mothers in the Fairfield or Guildford areas to meet

Hi my names Angela i dont really have a bub the same age as yours, i have a 18mth boy (LEO), 5yrs girl (LEINILA) and 6yrs girl (LYLLI) and planning another for early next year. I live in the guildf...

Wednesday 19 April 11:23am

AMH replied to topic First Birthday Cake Ideas

For my lil mans first birthday he got a Spiderman Cake - For my oldest 1st bday i made her a Pink Elephant it was very cute, and for my middle childs birthday cake She had an Icecream cake - her fa...

Friday 24 February 06:51am
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