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DebG started new topic Transition from Cot to Bed

Hi All I was hoping for some of your best tips with regard to moving my 22 mth old from the cot into her "big girls" bed. I have a two month old just about to move from her bassinette into a port...

Wednesday 31 May 11:58am

DebG started new topic New Baby & the OUCH! Princess (Please Help)

Huggies Mums & Dads, 3 weeks ago we bought home our second little girl from the hospital and she is going great guns. I proactively prepared my 21 month old little girl for the new arrival with t...

Tuesday 18 April 05:26pm

DebG replied to topic He keeps waking up

Hi Connors Mum I am 19 weeks pregnant also and my 15 month old still parties at least once most nights and I am just as tired as you are. We have to turn off the monitors (if we havn't already) If ...

Saturday 15 October 08:42am

DebG replied to topic Controlled crying with dummy?

Sara I was just reading your previous post "will she ever sleep thru"? At 12 mths you could find out if you can do a stay with Maya. I think that a great idea. You have nothing to loose asking. ...

Sunday 18 September 09:07am

DebG replied to topic Controlled crying with dummy?

Sorry to say I'm not sure you will have much success with controlled crying while leaving dummy with Maya. How old is she? I would think the older Maya is the harder it will be to take dummy away...

Sunday 18 September 08:52am

DebG replied to topic Light sleeper

Hi Ladies I agree with Jennine. Since Hannah has been born I have had a radio on in her room but as your babies are older start as Jennine has suggested with radio on very low and on static so yo...

Sunday 18 September 08:35am

DebG replied to topic Anyone used or using Tizzie Hall?

Hi Ashtonsmum & Mum2Jack My Hannah is now 14 months and I have been on Tizzie's routines since she was approx 7 months. I started late and used Tizzie because Hannah had so many probs sleeping day...

Sunday 11 September 08:55am

DebG replied to topic rolls over when trying to sleep

Hi How old is you baby?

Thursday 08 September 07:59am

DebG replied to topic How old...

Hi I had baby in my room for 2 days and then put her into her own room. It is a personal choice, I had an angle sleep (breathing) sensor and monitor so every time baby moved or cryed I knew about ...

Monday 05 September 05:16pm

DebG replied to topic 7months still wakes for dummie - ANY ONE ELSE?

Hi Leia I have forgotten what it is to sleep properly since Hannah was born. She was the most awful baby for not sleeping day or night, I never seemed to sleep at all for more than 2 hours at a ti...

Sunday 04 September 04:29pm

DebG replied to topic Mikayla THE PEST

Hi Mikaylasmum At almost exactly the same age my daughter Hannah also started changing the way she slept in the cot. Mikayla is now at the age where when you put her to bed in her cot you cannot c...

Thursday 01 September 08:47pm

DebG replied to topic Tizzie Hall routine for 10mth old

Hayley & Ben I can help you both. I will e-mail you the routine you are looking for but you will need to take Ben's dummy from him first Hayley before the routine will work. I had to do the same ...

Tuesday 23 August 08:02am

DebG replied to topic 5mthold - sleep problems & how much to eat?

There is no easy answer however I had similar probs with my little girl with both day and night sleeps and when and how much food to feed until 6.5 mths when on the edge of clapse from no sleep I c...

Tuesday 16 August 05:18pm

DebG replied to topic Sleep - it's driving me mad!!!

Bubble, I know how you are feeling. My little girl is 14 months now but still does not sleep thru the night. I went thru the same as what your going thru now until I was at my wits end by the time...

Tuesday 16 August 07:56am
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