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chickadee replied to topic Need ideas to stop 21mth old tantrums

Hi Domestic Goddess. I can only sympathise with you. I was pregnant with Jacob when Luke really turned up his tantrum throwing to full throttle. I ended up going to the Triple P program in total de...

Tuesday 02 August 09:11am

chickadee replied to topic Being induced on Monday...any advice?

Ok...being induced. I was induced with my first because I was a couple of weeks overdue so I had no idea what to expect. Look, it hurt..a lot. But then you get that. I had my waters broken...which ...

Saturday 16 July 02:36pm

chickadee replied to topic another baby?

My eldest was 2yr 8mth when I gave birth to Jacob. I found it harder being pregnant with a small child than since Jacob has been born. Some days it is hard, on others it is great. Now Jacob is olde...

Saturday 16 July 01:51pm

chickadee replied to topic getting 2yr old to eat veges

Both my kids are really good eaters and like a huge variety of foods, however my eldest did go through a phase of being vegie phobic. The trick for me was disguising it in other foods, like sausage...

Saturday 16 July 01:42pm
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