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Cat_1975 replied to topic Maternity Clothing

Bit late, but just replied to similar question with bff's recent score from - she was stoked! I'm sure she said something about wishing we were in Melbs to go to their ...

Sunday 27 May 11:55am

Cat_1975 replied to topic is this rude to you? kids and electronic devices

Is a ds so different from me taking books and coloring books/pencils for my kids at the last wedding we went to? I guess both could be considered anti-social but my mr's 4& 6 needed something to en...

Sunday 27 May 11:51am

Cat_1975 replied to topic Where to shop on-line for cheap maternity clothes?

It's hard isn't it? I bought a lot of stuff on eBay, but mostly second hand. My bff just bought a load of stuff from and the stuff she got was gorgeous. She got a Ripe ...

Sunday 27 May 11:39am
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