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Tamara258 started new topic Mummys in Toowoomba???

Hi guys... I'm moving to Toowoomba in a couple of months with my baby boy Wilhelm (he's 8 months old) and I'm a single mum. I grew up in TOowoomba and have made the decision to move back to be cl...

Friday 12 May 03:02am

Tamara258 replied to topic Any Mums to Be in New Farm area

Hi Amanda, I'm a single mum in New Farm. My boy is 7 months old it's just gone so quickly! it really is a beautiful thing having your own bub..... i know that i'm not an expecting mum, but thoug...

Wednesday 05 April 09:14am

Tamara258 started new topic Single mums

Hi ... I'm a single mum with a 7 month old baby boy (Wilhelm). I've only just managed to get on my feet and out and about and was wondering how other single mums have done it. Hubby and I separated...

Thursday 16 March 02:57pm

Tamara258 started new topic Any single mums in Inner city brisbane?

Hi I'm a single mum with a 5 month old boy and am wondering if there are any other mums out there in a similar position that live nearby? I feel very lonely and would love to meet some other peo...

Friday 10 February 03:17pm

Tamara258 started new topic Christening question...

Hi guys... I wasn't quite sure where to put this one, so I've taken a stab and asked in this forum.... If anyone has had their bub christened, do you have to have the consent of BOTH parents? C...

Tuesday 31 January 07:18pm

Tamara258 replied to topic CUSTODY CASE

Hi Cassi! I haven't actually been through a custody case but I would guarantee that you should seek legal aid or something.... have you got some legal help ? I bet you're stressing big time hey? ...

Sunday 29 January 06:04am

Tamara258 replied to topic Mum to be in New Farm

Hi Jen! I'm currently living in New Farm with a 4 month old baby boy - Wilhelm. We're looking out for some people to meet with that live close by too! How's the pregnancy going for you? Do you kn...

Friday 06 January 09:11am

Tamara258 started new topic Why has daddy gone?

hi guys.. I have a really bizzare situation going on and was wondering if anyone has any ideas or advise.. perhaps I'm just not seeing something? From the day that bub came home, hubby has been ve...

Monday 02 January 08:45pm

Tamara258 started new topic Anyone have a good OBS/GYN in Brisbane?

Hi guys.. not sure where to really put this one. i was going to post it in the Pregnancy section, but I wanted to hear from people who have actually gone through a whole pregnancy with a good OBS. ...

Sunday 23 October 05:41am

Tamara258 replied to topic Lonliness

Hi Jade, I hear ya.... boy do I hear ya! I'm happily married too and friends just don't get it. they can't understand that I can't go out on all-weekend benders anymore and would actually rather...

Wednesday 12 October 05:51pm

Tamara258 started new topic Weeping from C-section scar?

Hi guys... not the nicest of topics, but I was wondering if any had this happen after having a c-section? I'm only a couple days shy of 6 weeks postpartum and my scar has started to weep. Yesterda...

Thursday 06 October 09:08am

Tamara258 started new topic Something I noticed about bubs pupils...

Hi guys. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their little ones? The little guy is only 5 weeks old... I have been looking into bubs eyes from day one as we all do, and about 4 ...

Sunday 02 October 09:48pm

Tamara258 replied to topic Is this ok?

Hi Bubbles... I would think that it was just muscular.. or a slight pull in the uteris. I had a bout of the sneezes for a few weeks and had the same thing... when i went to the doc, he said that ...

Sunday 28 August 09:34am

Tamara258 started new topic Terribly Itchy belly! aarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys... I'm wondering if anyone has or has experienced a really itchy belly? I'm overdue and belly is getting bigger and bigger thus leading to stretch marks creeping around... but, that's not...

Friday 26 August 07:51pm

Tamara258 replied to topic brissie mums due in august 05

Hi Mel! I've only just come online to these forums and have seen your message... that's why I've contacted you almost a month after your message.. I also live in Brisbane and am due around the same...

Monday 22 August 02:26pm
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