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lena0 replied to topic Breast refusal at 10 months?

Yep I do think he's teething. He's got his bottom 2 teeth but can't get enough of biting etc so I think the top 2 are coming through. I hope he comes back soon, honestly it's em...

Thursday 12 September 08:38pm

lena0 started new topic Breast refusal at 10 months?

Hi ladies, My son is 10 months next w/k and has been refusing feeds today. He fed at about 7.30am, had a small one at 11am, then another small one at 4pm and refused his bedtime feed at around 7. ...

Thursday 12 September 08:23pm

lena0 replied to topic So sad/happy!

I know... far out. I can't believe he's over 7 months old. He's almost a year!!!!!!! I've been trying to take this one day at a time so I don't feel like it's going qu...

Thursday 27 June 08:14pm

lena0 replied to topic Getting your kids involved in keeping fit and healthy!

It's hard because the weather makes it difficult to get out and do things. I'd do like the above, get into riding bikes, bushwalking (can take little one in a carrier). Swimming indoors i...

Thursday 27 June 08:09pm

lena0 replied to topic game

Anyone remember myspace? these sorts of things used to go around all the time, I loved them lol! 1. what'd you have for dinner? Hubby's working til 10pm tonight so I'm being nice an...

Thursday 27 June 08:07pm

lena0 replied to topic Baby's First Word! And the Emotions! WOW!

My son starting saying mum at 7 months. It warms my heart!! He's never said baba (means dad in our language) properly yet but I'm sure it's coming.

Thursday 27 June 08:00pm

lena0 started new topic So sad/happy!

My boy started sitting himself up today. He's been commando crawling for ages but this to me just symbolises how much he's growing up. He was sitting up in his bath tub today!!! No more b...

Thursday 27 June 07:57pm

lena0 started new topic Night feeds, cosleeping, driving me crazy!

I don't know how to start weaning the night feeds but have you tried getting DH to try and settle him? Or does he just refuse until he gets a feed? I mean he is at the age where you CAN cut ou...

Thursday 20 June 08:49pm

lena0 replied to topic Sleeping With Baby? Discussion

My son sleeps with me/us quite a bit. We did a week of co-sleeping when he was about 8-9 wks old or so after the bassinet then he went into the cot. He does pretty well in his cot generally, but si...

Thursday 20 June 08:40pm

lena0 replied to topic Whats for dinner?!?!?!

I don't know what I'll have (it'll be just me) so probably leftovers. BUT last night (I just want to share lol) I had cous cous cooked in stock I made a while back and froze, with ...

Wednesday 19 June 01:28pm

lena0 replied to topic I have lost it at my ds this morning & now I am really upset

I'm not at that stage yet at all, but I would really agree with just going back to nappies. If that makes you feel more relaxed about the whole thing, do it. This might make you feel a bit b...

Tuesday 18 June 09:27pm

lena0 replied to topic 7 months old today!

I love this thread! My DS is a few days over 7 months. I'm loving this age. He's been commando crawling since 6.5 months and now he's crawling to people to get them to pick him up. I...

Tuesday 18 June 09:14pm

lena0 replied to topic its complicated

Congratulations! It will be hard, of course. But you *can* do it. You're 4 months, so you've got 5 more months to figure things out. Can you apply for permanent residency? If you have PR,...

Tuesday 18 June 09:00pm

lena0 replied to topic Baby carriers

I've got an ergo, ring sling, woven wrap & a mei tai. I love all of them for different reasons but going with your summer baby, I'd go with the Manduca over the Ergo. Only because my ...

Tuesday 18 June 08:55pm

lena0 started new topic I'm on a high today :)

Yay! Hellooooo, baby!

Tuesday 18 June 08:24am

lena0 replied to topic A discussion; racism.

Sure it's touchy but that's *good* that it's touchy. Racism is an awful thing, so being mindful that some are sensitive to it is great. I honestly think racism is just like that be...

Tuesday 18 June 08:23am

lena0 replied to topic flying with a 6 week old baby?

Definitely not mad, I think it'd be quite easy as at 6 wks old they'll sleep through mostly anything. When bub arrives, I'd get him/her having some naps with white noise on as that&#...

Monday 17 June 02:25pm

lena0 replied to topic C Section vs Vaginal Birth after 3/4th degree tear- WITH KNEE INJURY!!

Completely agree with Axiom, the concern to me would be that you still have tear related problems like LBL. Can you get a 2nd opinion? Not discounting your OB at all, but I mean can you get someon...

Monday 17 June 02:06pm

lena0 replied to topic Birth after tearing?

I'd really like to go "all natural" next time too. Fingers crossed, I'm a bit scared as this time I was drugged up to the 9s at 6cms lol. Night Shade, I'm the same. The l...

Saturday 15 June 09:53pm

lena0 replied to topic Random carseat Q

Same as PP, installed at 37 weeks Next time I'll get them in at 36.

Saturday 15 June 09:51pm
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