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Emskie87 replied to topic Due October 2015

Hi girls, big congrats! I got a very dark line positive this morning, which will make me due around Oct 7th. This is baby number 2 and Im so very excited

Friday 30 January 05:33pm

Emskie87 replied to topic Disappointment over birth experience

I had a disappointing birth experience too. Wanted a natural, water birth but I had to be induced as I was 11 days overdue. Had heaps of interventions e.g. induction with cervix ripening balloon, D...

Monday 17 June 10:05pm

Emskie87 replied to topic When did Bubba's First tooth appear?

my little gal was 3.5 months as well when her bottom two front teeth came in. She'll be 4 months on Sunday. I am definitely not ready for teeth so soon!

Friday 03 May 09:08pm

Emskie87 replied to topic Inductions

I was induced at WCH with the "Cook's Catheter". Basically they put 2 balloons either side of your cervix and fill them each with 40mls of saline. It's meant to massage the cerv...

Friday 03 May 12:14am
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