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pruney started new topic Stopped sleeping through.

Hi all, just a question and hopefully some advice will follow!! My 5 mth bubba is for some reason now not sleeping through the night anymore. She has been sleeping thru since she was about 10 week...

Wednesday 04 January 08:17pm

pruney replied to topic family day care

My 4 year old has been in family day care since she was 13 mths. I thought this was a good alternative to a day care centre, as she was so young and due to the restrictions at FDC - only 5 childre...

Tuesday 29 November 08:21pm

pruney started new topic red rash around neck

Hi all, Just a quick question. My 4 mth old bubba has a really nasty red rash underneath her neck that won't go away. I've tried curash powder, my day care mum suggested corn flour, and i even as...

Tuesday 29 November 08:00pm

pruney replied to topic old wives tales

I don't know if this one is an old wives tale..... but i remember when i was younger and had cousins who were babies, i wasn't allowed to let them look at me upside down.... does that make sense? ...

Saturday 19 November 08:23pm

pruney replied to topic wot formula wont give tummy pains!!

Unfortunately, i don't think their is a exact comes down to trial and error, and trying different formulas until you find one that is suitable. Chemists normally sell sachets of formu...

Tuesday 01 November 07:07pm

pruney started new topic second child

Just a broad question that i am curious about.... I was talking to my mum the other day and i remarked to her how much more "high maintenence" my second daughter is compared to my first (don't get ...

Friday 21 October 12:52pm

pruney replied to topic can i give him farex

this is just my opinion....yes i really don't see the harm. My eldest daughter was eating solids by this age as she was also constently hungry. She loved it, but be prepared for a bit of mess! S...

Friday 21 October 12:02pm

pruney replied to topic 13 weeks old starting to!

Hi Kel, i would give him the dose for his weight - my eldest daughter (although smaller in the beginning then Jorja) was always bigger than what the bottle stated. Get Jeb a teething ring that you...

Friday 21 October 08:12am

pruney replied to topic worried about rolling over in bed!!!

Roll up a towel or something similar and lay it next to him so he can't roll in the first place - it might help.

Friday 07 October 10:43am

pruney started new topic Attitude!!

I have a 4 yr old daughter and am just wondering if anyone can offer some advice? Lately, she has been so cheeky and reeeeaaallly pushing my buttons. If i ask her to do something she will either n...

Sunday 25 September 05:53pm

pruney replied to topic the switch

with my first daughter i think it was about 3 or 4 months old - basically when she got too big! She adjusted really easily, and i don't know if this made a difference, but i used to same blanket t...

Sunday 25 September 04:38pm
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