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mishmash replied to topic Anyone given the potty a miss, and gone straight to the toilet?

Yes with both girls, we just used a slip in toilet seat which makes the seat smaller (so little bums don't fall in!). No problems - I was not keen on continually cleaning out a potty.

Sunday 02 September 05:31pm

mishmash replied to topic Does anyone else want "Me Time"?

Hi I do understand exactly how you feel. How about enrolling in a short TAFE or WEA course in something you are interested in. They often offer them only one day per week for a term. Or how about ...

Sunday 14 January 05:45am

mishmash replied to topic does any one have any heinz baby basics bowls for sale

Hi Haven't got any for sale, but thought I would post and say that you can use other cheaper bowls too, unless you have a specific reason for wanting this particular bowl. I've got one heinz baby b...

Sunday 07 January 05:50am

mishmash replied to topic REFUSING THE SPOON PLS HELP.

Hi I don't have any recipes, but thought I would post to say that your son sounds just like my daughter. She refuses to be fed anything, must do it herself. I just give her finger food for breakfa...

Wednesday 20 December 05:34am

mishmash replied to topic Doesn't want to leave daycare

Hi I have had exactly the same thing with my eldest when she was younger. I did as a PP has suggested and took a bit longer to say goodbye, played with her / watched what she was doing for a littl...

Tuesday 05 December 05:07am

mishmash replied to topic Playgroups and Kindergyms

Hi Our Kindergym is $55 per term (school term). I think that's about the price for most of them. You get a discount for the second child. There is a website where you can get contact details and ...

Tuesday 14 November 05:49pm

mishmash replied to topic Slippery Dips

Hi It depends how big you want - personally I didn't want anything too high in case of falls. We bought one from Big W - red, plastic very solid and from memory around $25. It's not very high, but...

Tuesday 17 October 09:26am

mishmash replied to topic WHATS YOUR 14MONTH OLD SAYING?

Hi I think she is pretty advanced with her speech. My DD2 is 14 mths and will respond to directions, point to body parts like yours. however, she only says 1/2 dozen words, most of what she says i...

Thursday 05 October 02:51am

mishmash replied to topic School Holidays Activities? Have Any?

Hi my daughter is only 4, so some of the sites we use like abctv probably are too young for your daughter. This is a good US site, heaps of free activity suggestions . I j...

Tuesday 19 September 03:22am

mishmash replied to topic is it time to start tt?

Sorry but I think the only way is to put her in knickers and when she is wet/dirty she will not like it and learn to go to the toilet. You can also try toilet timing and put her on the toilet every...

Tuesday 08 August 03:37am

mishmash replied to topic shopping centre TANTRUM

Hi Absolutely I am with you. My DD1 who is 4 and should know better can still chuck the biggest tantrum. Yesterday at Bunnings she didn't want to come out of the play area to go home. So she kicke...

Wednesday 02 August 03:48am

mishmash started new topic Nearly one and refuses to be fed by Mum!

Hi, My nearly 1 year old daughter refuses to be fed anymore. She turns her face away and will not open her mouth. She only wants to feed herself. Any tips on more food options to give her which ar...

Wednesday 02 August 03:40am

mishmash replied to topic Pram with toddler seat - baby too big!

Hi Thought I'd reply I know your post has been on a while and you have got no replies. I can only tell you what we have done. There are almost three years between my girls, but I like to walk a lo...

Wednesday 02 August 03:28am

mishmash replied to topic can someone help me

Also Play 'n'Fun (I think) on Beach Road at christies beach and there is one at Mount Barker too, sorry can't remember the name.

Tuesday 06 June 04:04am

mishmash replied to topic What else can we do?

Hi I absolutely sympathise with you, we have had broken sleep with DD2 for the past 2 months, before that she slept really well. We think it was started by teething and then she just got into the ...

Tuesday 06 June 03:59am

mishmash replied to topic Full time working moms , how do u manage.......

Hi I only work 3 days but its still hard to fit everything in. The best thing I can recommend is to be organised and stay organised. Little things turn into big things if they are not done regularl...

Wednesday 31 May 02:02am

mishmash replied to topic Calling all mums still breast feeding at 10 + months

Hi I think either 3 or 4 milk feeds a day at 10 months is fine. My DD2 is 9 1/2 mths and is having 4 or 5 milk feeds a day plus 3 solid meals and 1-2 snacks. I was unsure if she was having too muc...

Friday 19 May 03:05am

mishmash replied to topic presents for 1 and 3 year olds

For your 3 yo Books are always good. If your soon to be 3 yo is like mine, you will get sick of reading the same book over and over again! A friend had a great idea (I thought so anyway) for her ...

Wednesday 17 May 02:36am

mishmash replied to topic No Teeth at almost 9 months

Hi My DD1 did not get her first tooth until she was 14 mths old. DD2 is 9 months old today and no sign of any teeth. I stressed so much with DD1 and got sick of everyone's shock that she had no te...

Wednesday 10 May 02:43am

mishmash started new topic breastfeeding 9 mth old won't concentrate!

Hi I am having a bit of hassle when breast feeding my 9 mth old. I cannot feed her where there are any other distractions at all or she is constantly on / off while she has a look around at what i...

Sunday 07 May 03:44am
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