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theherd replied to topic Does any one have twins

Damn, you win! There's just over 13 months between my three girls! So if two born within a year are Irish twins does that make yours Irish triplets?! It gets much easier, trust me. Once the twi...

Saturday 13 May 09:09pm

theherd replied to topic Toddler and new baby sharing a room - does this work?

My three girls share-we have a 3brm house but i have the other bedroom as a study. Works really well-they don't wake each other up and when they wake up in the morning they play happily rather tha...

Saturday 13 May 08:43pm

theherd replied to topic STUDYING

Hey Amanda, I'm studying a Bachelor of Health Promotion/Education atm. It's fully external, so i don't have to attend any classes, but do have to do some clinicals/work placements in a few years. ...

Saturday 13 May 08:26pm

theherd replied to topic Need help choosing a pram/jogger to suit newborn & toddler!!!!

For a child that age and weight a skateboard would probably be more suitable-you know the platforms on wheels you clip to the back of the pram? Like you said, the toddler seats are limited. If you ...

Sunday 02 April 08:10am

theherd replied to topic back, hip and pelvic pain

I can sympathise unfortunately! I can't get out of bed by myself anymore, and as for squatting and lifting-forget it! A few things help-first of all, get a referral to a physio at your hospital. I...

Thursday 30 March 09:18pm

theherd replied to topic planing for 2nd but already have one 9mths old help

Don't worry, you find the time and the love! It just seems to happen. Having them close is a bonus in that way because they both still nap, so you get heaps of one on one time.

Thursday 30 March 08:59pm

theherd replied to topic How do I keep our son in his own bed all night..

Hi there, Try putting a kiddy gate in the door-that way he can get up, you can still hear him and he can see out of his room, but can't get into yours. Good luck!

Tuesday 28 March 10:47pm

theherd replied to topic what stage is your 2 yr old at?

My eldest turned two in January. Does your 2 yr old know their colours? Yes, but still thinks yellow is red! What about counting, for eg, 1 - 10? Yes, counts everything, up to 10. Are they talki...

Tuesday 28 March 10:36pm

theherd replied to topic looking for info on twin deliveries

You can do whatever you want, remember that. I had to fight to get to have my twins vaginally, and i had a no-risk pregnancy, went full-term, and both were head down. Plus i'd already had one vagin...

Thursday 23 March 10:25pm

theherd replied to topic Cairns Mums

Hi there Jane, I'm in Cairns too, email Mel back, she's my social coordinator! LOL! Seriously, i'm 38 weeks pregnant so not reliable, but if you get in contact with her we'll catch up eventually. ...

Thursday 23 March 10:14pm

theherd replied to topic Eating the scraps

I will if it's something i've made them-today i've finished off tuna mornay and mashed vegies. With the tuna mornay i was hoping they would leave some it looked so good! Not the cans though, yuk!

Saturday 28 January 12:26pm

theherd replied to topic Casdade of Interventions: Obstetric Interventions

Qld mummy, you're a fanatic like me, aren't you?!

Sunday 15 January 10:13am

theherd replied to topic Caesarean Rate Increase "Alarming"

I think it's alarming too, especially when you consider the rates of c/s when compared between private, public and homebirth patients. If it's 'only done when neccessary' then WHY do these rates ...

Sunday 15 January 10:04am

theherd replied to topic do your kids share a bedroom?

We have the three cots lined up like an old dormitory! Put them together around 3-4 months, when the babies slept better, but we do have another bedroom we stuck them in to get them out of our ro...

Friday 06 January 12:08pm

theherd replied to topic Pregnancy after ceaser.......

Hi, i had an emergency c/s for my second twin, and i fell pregnant again (planned) 4 months after. I researched it all very thoroughly, and my ob said three months wait was the minimum. I'm now ...

Wednesday 21 December 10:08am

theherd replied to topic made to feel guilty by in-laws

Why do people always think they should babysit? Why isn't it enough to spend time with the kids on mutual visits? I am another who doesn't even think to leave them with others, they're my kids so...

Saturday 10 December 06:54pm

theherd replied to topic one hungry little girl

Try giving her bigger bottles first, and make sure you're only feeding when hungry, not to calm or put to sleep. Try to settle her first rather than feed straightaway, she might just want a hug. ...

Thursday 08 December 10:10am

theherd replied to topic my baby is small

Both my twins are little. One was 6lb8oz, 47cm at birth and is now still only 7kgs and 70cm at nine months. She looks chubby and eats well, so i don't worry about the averages. People always assu...

Thursday 08 December 07:39am

theherd replied to topic Never do anything right...

Am so sorry to hear of the loss of your partner, all my sympathy is with you. I don't co-sleep, but have always said if i was a single parent i would, it's just nice to be in bed with someone e...

Thursday 08 December 07:29am

theherd replied to topic Your choice breast or bottle

I was determined to breastfeed my first, then she was born with a partial tongue tie and wouldn't attach properly. So with bleeding nipples i gradually fed less and less, spent hours comp feeding...

Thursday 08 December 07:12am
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