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taila started new topic Can anyone help me?

HI, I don't know if anyone can help me with this or not but my 15month old daughter has been diagnosed with Skin Asthma. She had really beautiful skin as a baby but as she got older, her skin becam...

Friday 13 October 02:47am

taila replied to topic Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

I had my first daughter by em. c-section as she got stuck in my pelvis and went into foetal distress. When I got pregnant the second time I had the same midwife who encouraged me to try for a VBAC....

Wednesday 20 September 05:30am

taila replied to topic Help! Need a baby name

Hi Nicole, its soo hard trying to think of names hey? I really like Rylee Jade and I also like Ava. With our first baby we had heaps of boys names and only two girls names! Baby was a girl, was ...

Tuesday 19 September 06:15am

taila replied to topic Any advice to relieve teething pain??

what I found helped with my oldest was giving her a wedge of lemon to suck on. I know it sounds quite yuck but it honestly worked! She would be content for hours unlike with bonjela where she'd b...

Saturday 10 September 09:45am
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