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Rob replied to topic Eczma Crisis!!!

Hi Kristy, Could your DS be allergic to anything? My DD2 has had eczema since 2 weeks of age and i have found out she is allergic to Cow's milk soy products and recently Yeast and all these foods...

Saturday 27 May 09:43am

Rob replied to topic Soy formula?

HI, My doc says all three are all the same, if you have an allergy to one you are more than likely to have an allergy to the other BUT having said that some babies can tollerate soy and not goats ...

Wednesday 05 April 11:25am

Rob replied to topic Dumbest Question? How to get her to drink?

HI, My DD was and still is fussing at bottles she use to do what your DD is doing only drinking 100-150ml if i was lucky but the older she got and the less bottles she took she seemed to drink mor...

Wednesday 05 April 11:14am

Rob replied to topic Cold Milk

Hi, When we use to go out with our 1st Daughter we took small (125ml) poppers of long life milk and put them in her bottle they arent cold but room temp though, not sure if this helps you. But i ...

Monday 14 November 09:02pm

Rob started new topic Pop up blocker HELP please

Does anyone know how to get rid of pop ups. I have the msn toolbar and that was getting rid of them, then i downloaded MSN plus and since i have this i am getting bucket loads and is reallllly ann...

Thursday 10 November 03:08pm

Rob replied to topic cant get back

My little girl does the same thing and i would love to know what to do as well. Hope we get some help on this..

Sunday 06 November 04:32pm

Rob replied to topic The Natural Child... attachment parenting etc

Logans mum there is a natural parenting website that you might like. Its a good website with majority of mums/dads doing natural/attachment parenting. if you want the site email me at robyn_ashb...

Wednesday 02 November 11:34am

Rob replied to topic Big boots in cars

If my hubby had his way we would have a big 4x4 and we live on the beach..but it is more for space that he would like it... I just dont think i could park the thing.. (he is thinking of a landcruis...

Tuesday 01 November 01:47pm

Rob replied to topic trifle recipe needed asap

Hi My hubby makes the Best trifle I bake a cake for him once it has cooled down he cuts it up in little squres and puts ina large bowl then makes up jelly BUT he pours it over the cake and lets it...

Sunday 30 October 10:06am

Rob replied to topic Need someone to talk to..

Hi Cassie, I have a 2 yo girl and a 4mth old girl, i have also added you to my msn list my msn is [email protected] and if anyone else wants to add me go ahead.. Rob

Tuesday 25 October 07:04pm

Rob replied to topic everyone on windows messanger

HI, I have 2 DD's one 2yo and one 4mth old we live in Qld on the sunny coast, i am 31yo married for 8 1/5 years to a loving hubby. Would love to chat to other mums. My hotmail and msn is robyn_a...

Sunday 16 October 12:00pm

Rob replied to topic giving water

I was giving our 1st DD water from 6 weeks and i was breastfeeding herit made no difference to her feeds. Ididnt give her much just enough for her to taste it so she would drink water down the tra...

Sunday 25 September 05:11pm

Rob replied to topic Has anyone used Gripe Water??

I used Gripe water for our first DD who is now 2 and a bit.. We used it for wind and also Hiccups. We now use it for our 3month old for the same reasons but also to help her latch onto the bottl...

Sunday 25 September 05:07pm

Rob replied to topic Sunshine Coast mums

Hi Jess, I am Robyn, I have just moved up to Caloundra from Sydney in the begin of May just before we had our 2nd daughter Marli. We have a 2yo daughter Cody May. Where abouts on the sunshine c...

Saturday 24 September 07:24am

Rob replied to topic Drinking Milk from a normal Cup

I was going to put a post about this just now but found yours...Thanks. My DD is 2 1/2 and has gone backwards since we have had our DD2 who is now 3months old everytime our bub has a bottle our el...

Friday 23 September 09:50am

Rob started new topic Milk Intolerance

My 3 month old daughter is bottle feed as we had alot of trouble breastfeeding. Then after a couple of weeks she broke out in ezcema and i was told by my natropath that she is cows milk intolera...

Friday 23 September 09:32am

Rob replied to topic FIRST TIME SUNNY COAST MUM

Hi, My hubby and I just moved up to Caloundra from Sydney while i was pregnant with our 2nd child who has now been born (16th June) at Narmbour hospital. I would love to meet new people in the ar...

Friday 26 August 06:50am

Rob replied to topic Heating bottles in microwave

Hi, I have a 10 week old and i fill her bottles up around 80ml and then i fill the rest up with boiling water when she is due for a feed.. But when i go out i take a thermos full of boiling water ...

Friday 26 August 05:50am
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