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lforest started new topic Virus - blistered llips, swollen feet

Help Please, My daughter has just recovered from tonsilitis which may or may not have been viral. She has had mild fevers at night and developed blistered lips. The dead skin comes off with lip ba...

Friday 11 July 08:17am

lforest replied to topic Scared Of Natural Birth

Hi Amanda, Good on you for wanting to try a natural birth. Pain during labour is natural but the idea of it goes against everything we are taught about other types of pain. Labour pain hurts like n...

Thursday 21 April 11:21am

lforest replied to topic Toddler phobias ???

My 21mth old got scared of our chickens because they once pecked at an apple she was holding. Everytime she wanted to play outside she insisted I go with her. If I left her to hang clothes out or s...

Saturday 16 April 11:28am

lforest replied to topic my 3 yr old is very hairy

Wendy I'm not familar with this but if its not genetic (ie general hairyness in the family that might have skipped you or your partner) then you could always ask your doctor or MCHnurse for ressura...

Saturday 16 April 11:07am

lforest replied to topic screaming 16tmh old plz help?

I really feel for you. My 21mth old did some screaming for a while particularly when my new bub was born. It was definitely attention seeking. I found that by kneeling down and talking to her calml...

Saturday 16 April 10:58am

lforest replied to topic BEWARE OF TORN LABIA, have it stitched!!!

I had stitches both times and the first time it took about 6 months to be comfortable. More stitches but less pain this time. May be compounded by breast feeding and mini pill as both leave you dry...

Saturday 16 April 09:12am

lforest started new topic Scratching

My 21 mth old keeps scratching at anything on her skin. Its not just mozzie bites. She scratches at grazes too. Any tangible mark on her skin she picks and picks at until it bleeds. This has only s...

Friday 15 April 10:10am
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