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alexg replied to topic Separation and Visitation Rights

Thanks for your replies. I will have to get in contact with child support agency or the family law courts and see what I can find out. I know it seems silly but I am a bit scared to ring. suz0101 ...

Wednesday 02 May 11:41am

alexg replied to topic Dunno how much more can I take?

Hi Kel, I have been in a very similar situation with my husband and you are completely right, it's not just about the smoking, it's about the lack of honesty and respect, both of which are extreme...

Wednesday 02 May 11:19am

alexg started new topic Separation and Visitation Rights

Hi, I am seriously considering separating from my husband as he has really turned into someone horrible and selfish ever since I fell pregnant (even though it was planned), our son is now 13 month...

Wednesday 02 May 05:31am

alexg started new topic Ananphylaxis & Allergy Playgroup - Newcastle

Hi All, My son recently turned 12 months and he is starting to get to that point where he is really showing an interest in other children. I don't have any friends with young children and have loo...

Wednesday 04 April 05:11am

alexg started new topic HELP! Can't establish routine for 7 month old.

My baby boy is 7 months old and I am finding it almost impossible to establish and keep some sort of routine. He is still breastfeeding and I am giving him 3 "solid" meals a day, he will sometimes ...

Thursday 19 October 10:08am

alexg replied to topic Posterior

Hi equinny I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago and he was posterior. However my labour was very quick, especially for a first timer, it was three and half hours from when I started getting regul...

Friday 14 April 10:43am

alexg replied to topic Anyone from Newcastle or going to Newcastle Private

Hi Kim I live in the Newcastle area also and had my first baby, a boy, just over 3 weeks ago at JHH. Where in Newcastle are you from, I am in Adamstown. Feel free to email me if you like at adgo...

Friday 14 April 10:09am

alexg replied to topic any one had the group b strep test?

Hi I had this test done about 3 weeks ago, a swab is taken from both your vagina and anus and sent off for testing. My midwife told me that about 50% of women have Group B Strep and it is a com...

Sunday 05 March 02:38pm

alexg replied to topic Feelings about pregnancy

I am also a first timer and totally agree with you. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am showing, I have had the scans, know the sex of the baby, have felt him kicking and have even bought all the "bab...

Tuesday 13 December 10:36pm

alexg replied to topic Scared of PND

Hi Kylie I have also suffered from quite severe depression in the past and like you have a fear of getting PND, I sometimes feel like I am starting to get some mild symptoms of Antenatal Depressio...

Tuesday 13 December 07:43am

alexg replied to topic Amnio

Hi Pauline I had an Nuchal Translucency Scan at approx. 12 weeks and was totally shocked when the Doctor told me there was a 1/46 chance of my baby having Down Syndrome. I didn't know what to say...

Wednesday 30 November 08:04am

alexg started new topic John Hunter Hospital

Hi All I am due with my first baby in March and was just wondering if anyone is having (or has had) their baby at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, which is where I am booked in. I would love to ...

Sunday 27 November 05:28pm

alexg started new topic Brown Bleeding/Discharge in 2nd Trimester

Hi All I was just wondering if anyone could ease my fears regarding some bleeding/discharge I have had. I am 15 weeks pregnant and when I was approximately 11 weeks I woke up to find a fair amo...

Saturday 01 October 05:07pm

alexg replied to topic gro years baby furniture. . .

You could try, I know that they stock Groyears furniture. Not sure if they have the Tom Thumb range but it's worth a look.

Wednesday 28 September 04:21pm

alexg replied to topic funniest pregnancy book

I have just recently read this book too, and it is hilarious but also really informative. A great book especially for a first timer like me.

Thursday 15 September 05:28am

alexg started new topic Perisac Bleed

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a perisac bleed before? I am 11 weeks pregnant and woke up the other morning to find myself laying in a large pool of watery blood, I stood up and ...

Saturday 10 September 10:58am

alexg replied to topic Am I overreacting?

I think considering the fact that you had always wanted to use this name if you had a girl and the fact that your friend knew that, it is really unfair what she has done. So no, I don't think you...

Friday 12 August 09:04am

alexg started new topic Aromatherapy Oils

Hi Everyone I have heard that there are a lot of aromatherapy oils that you should avoid during pregnancy. This might seem like a silly question but I was just wondering if "avoid" means do not ...

Wednesday 27 July 09:27pm

alexg replied to topic Due March 2006!!!

Hi Everyone Just found out last week that I am pregnant and due on 25th of March. I had my first doctors visit today and have been referred for all the blood tests, I did expect an examination o...

Tuesday 26 July 09:55pm
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