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e2000 started new topic HELP!!! Swollen black eye!!!

Hi ladies- my 3yo dd fell off the lounge last night, and banged her head, between her temple and her eye, on the coffee table. It immeadiatly came up in a lump and bruise. I tried to apply ice, bu...

Friday 06 April 02:55am

e2000 replied to topic spiderbite, cellulitis, antibiotics, possible conception

Well, I can't say this exact thing has happend to me!!! You did freak me out though, as we often find white tails in our house. I think, as far as the antibiotics go, it depends on the type, but m...

Thursday 05 April 12:09pm

e2000 started new topic Do you have a dog?

I was wondering if anyone has any advice.... Our dog, (a very small Boston Terrier), pulls the washing off my line nearly every day. It makes me sooooooo mad, to get home from work and find the wa...

Thursday 05 April 03:33am

e2000 started new topic Getting dressed- this worked for us.

Hi ladies- we've been struggling with the getting dressed saga twice a day for months. Dd was really using it as a power play, and she knew how stressed it made me in the mornings, and used it as ...

Thursday 05 April 03:17am

e2000 started new topic Need to make a decision NOW!!!

Hi ladies- I am a part time uni student, getting my degree externally. One of my subjects this semester has a compulsory residential school, so I am required to attend uni at the end of April. I ...

Tuesday 03 April 08:14am

e2000 replied to topic Ahhhh bitting and scratching!

Put him in timeout every single time he does it. When my dd was that age, timeout was the hallway, with the door open. She'd come back straight away, but if you remove them from your presence every...

Thursday 29 March 03:04am


What about a new shelf on the wall? I never had a change table- didn't have the space. I used the floor, couch, or bed.

Saturday 24 March 05:33am

e2000 replied to topic Help needed in regards to my mum !

By the way....... I noticed in your first post that you wrote "mum and barry have decided that they're coming down here....". Well, this really should be your decision. I know you don't want to of...

Thursday 22 March 12:57pm

e2000 replied to topic can't wait for my siblings to have kids of their own!!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is lucky enough to be flooded with so much helpful advice all the time!!!

Wednesday 21 March 06:20pm

e2000 started new topic can't wait for my siblings to have kids of their own!!!!

My sister, brother, and sil are all so "knowledgable" when it comes to kids. They are so full of advice on what I should and shouldn't do, and are so quick to tell me when they think I'm doing some...

Tuesday 20 March 10:32am

e2000 replied to topic What's the funniest T-Shirt(bib) line have you seem before?

My sister gave me a baby's t-shirt that says Mutha Sucka Very cute!

Tuesday 20 March 09:05am

e2000 replied to topic When to expect a period after a d&c?

Hi Bec- so sorry to hear about your mc. I know this is an extremly hard time, especially when all you can think about is getting pregnant again. This is a very common question on this site, and t...

Monday 19 March 02:26pm

e2000 replied to topic how do i make sure he never comes back in our lives?

Hi Tiarnie- I haven't read all the posts, so don't know if I'm repeating myself, but... you can change your child's name. Just download the form from QLD's department of births, deaths and marriage...

Sunday 18 March 02:48pm

e2000 replied to topic ANEMIA ????? Any advice?

Hi Curious George- just read your post. If I were you, I'd be asking for a referral to a pediatrician. Without going in to detail, or freaking you out, a friend of mine has just been to hell and b...

Sunday 18 March 02:35pm

e2000 replied to topic rubella/ german measels how long is it contagious before signs show?

Hi brandis bear- I recently had a similar scare, (although it turned out I wasn't pregnant anyway!) My dr told me that some immunity, even if it's low, is better then none! I think measles has a ...

Tuesday 13 March 06:06am

e2000 replied to topic age gaps: did anyone else get a lecture?

Every element of pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing seems to invite so much unwanted, rude, and pushy advice! People should mind their own business! The fact is that you'll do the best you ca...

Friday 09 March 04:54am

e2000 replied to topic Singulair Chewable Tablets for Asthma

My dd has been on Singulair on and off for the last 6 months or so for mild asthma, causing coughing fits. Recently, however, her athsma has got much worse, and she now has to have the tablets semi...

Monday 05 March 06:13am

e2000 started new topic thyroid disorders

Hi all- just wandering if anyone has an under active thyroid? I've just been to the dr., who thinks I may have hypothyroidism. She thinks this may be the reason why I miscarried nearly 5 months ag...

Tuesday 27 February 11:46am

e2000 started new topic Timing questions

Hi ladies- just a few questions here- I did ovulation tests this month and was pleased to discover that I AM ovulating. I detected the surge on Monday, which was unfortunatly the day dd and I went...

Monday 26 February 12:52pm

e2000 replied to topic Wanting a blood test to see if ovulating

Hi Jodie- haven't got that far yet, but not too far off it! I'll be interested to hear how you go. I've bough urine tests for this month to see if I'm ovulating, but will be off to the dr if this d...

Friday 16 February 05:11am
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