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dianneb replied to topic nearly 27 wks preg and kids wont stop jumping on me!

My son was used to me playing around with him (gotta love being their personal monkey bar) & I found that when I was pregnant a couple of ways that I could spend active time with them while not bei...

Wednesday 05 May 10:51pm

dianneb started new topic Feeling confused

Well my beautiful girl is 6 weeks & 5 days old & has always been bottle feed (by choice). So what's confusing me is that today she was searching for a feed from me about 45min after a feed. I don...

Wednesday 03 February 03:00pm

dianneb replied to topic bleeding stopped for a

Are you breast feeding or expressing?? Only asking because I expressed with first (so everything went normal). Then had to take drugs to stop milk production with my 2nd & got my period straight a...

Tuesday 12 January 03:08pm

dianneb replied to topic FOMULA FEEDING - BOTTLE BUB PREP

With my first I reheated the formula so that it was slightly above room temp (we generally have 3 bottles of formula ready made in the fridge & 3 bottles of water cooling down, so no hassle there -...

Tuesday 12 January 02:58pm

dianneb replied to topic Can I mix formula and expressed breast milk?

I wouldn't mix the 2 - if your bubs isn't having an entire feed, then they aren't getting all of you milk. I did a mix of express & bottle with my first & one way you might be able to save on form...

Tuesday 12 January 02:49pm

dianneb replied to topic Bubs Due In December

Well I'm back from my ultra sound & yeah the bubs is looking healthy. I now that I saw the baby 2 weeks ago, but to get all the measurements & seeing that everything is working well. And the big ...

Friday 31 July 10:53am

dianneb replied to topic Bubs Due In December

Well tomorrow is round 2 for the ultra sound, & I'm getting excited again. The first time I went in the measurements put the bub around the 17 week mark, not the 18w4d that the dates had calculate...

Thursday 30 July 11:08am

dianneb replied to topic Worried as I don't feel baby move that much

Hello, I feel like I'm doing things weird. With my DS it took forever before I felt anything, let alone my poor DH (it was well into the 30 weeks before he felt the first kick). Now with number 2...

Tuesday 28 July 10:13pm

dianneb replied to topic Bubs Due In December

Hello Everyone, Well I'm finally getting on board & admitting the scary news that my second child is due on the 23rd (talk about lack of planning). So I'm hoping not to be in hospital for Christma...

Monday 27 July 06:43am

dianneb started new topic Sick of being sick - surprisingly not morning sickness

Hey, Well like my first pregnancy I've managed to get away without morning sickness (not bragging as I managed to get bad insonima, heart burn, & major itchiness, to name a few problems). However ...

Saturday 06 June 07:24am

dianneb replied to topic Feeling Very Depressed After My Doctors Visit

I love it when dr's come out with rubbish. During my first pregnancy I had one appoitment where I couldn't see my regular doctor (he was great & never made any stupid comments), so the new one I s...

Saturday 06 June 07:14am

dianneb started new topic Help. How did you stop biting?

Hello, I'm sort of at my wits end with my 21mth old son. He's a biter, & it seems to be getting worse. My usual way to handle it at home is to put him in time out & then talk to him about it afte...

Monday 18 February 02:23pm

dianneb replied to topic waking SCREAMING and not settling

This sounds very fimilar to what I went through this week with my son. It's a very stressful time as they are so distressed & you are so tired (it was good to hear that you had someone around for ...

Tuesday 13 November 11:50am

dianneb replied to topic Silly Q

Hi, Best description I heard is when they start walking they then are a toddler (but always your baby).

Friday 03 August 06:40am

dianneb started new topic Routine or not to routine?

Hi, I waited a little while before I started a routine, & when I started it, it was based on what Sean was doing (when he was eating, sleeping, etc). I found he prefered things a little different ...

Wednesday 06 June 11:07am

dianneb started new topic Am I going to slow

Hi, Sometimes I feel like I'm delaying my sons (12mths) development. I generally feel so overwelmed with what I should be doing. I don't want to push him into doing stuff he isn't ready for - as ...

Wednesday 23 May 11:38am

dianneb started new topic Dinner time is getting stressful

Hi My son used to eat pretty much anything we gave & then he got sick for a couple of weeks. Now he has become fussy with his meals. Breakfast is a brease. Lunch is fine as long as it's a sandwi...

Wednesday 23 May 11:21am

dianneb replied to topic Toddler routine...Help!!

Hello Donna, It sounds like you have my son staying with you (except he's 1 today). I've found that Sean is just going through a bit of a growth spurt so he's been waking up between 3 & 4:30am for...

Thursday 10 May 05:25am

dianneb started new topic Living in London

Hi, My husband & I will be movine to London for a bit over a year shortly. The few people that I know over there all work full-time, but I won't be. My little man will be about 19 months when we ...

Sunday 06 May 03:34pm

dianneb replied to topic wakes up crying.

Hi Krissy My son wakes up crying most times - he's nearly 10mths now. I don't know if it's the shock of waking up, or he has slept uncomfortably. However after a couple of minutes of cuddles he ...

Saturday 03 March 02:27pm
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