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Lids started new topic feeding

Hi, My daughter is 2.8 years old and has recently decided she will not eat any food that she does not like. I have tried desperatley to push her to eat healthier foods (ones that don't taste that ...

Sunday 28 September 10:56am

Lids started new topic Hole in heart

Hi, My daughter is 6 mths old and she had a really slight murmur at 6weeks old. They were not worried about it but at 3 months it was still there. We just saw the cardiologist who told us that she...

Saturday 13 May 12:36pm

Lids started new topic Food routine anyone?

My daughter is 5months and we have been on rice cereal for breakfast and dinner. I have tried sweet potato but she only took a few bites and left it..i didn't realise that this is what they initia...

Wednesday 19 April 12:35pm

Lids started new topic Help!! Not drinking...

Hi Guys, my daughter is 5mths old and has been on rice cereal from 4.5mths. She was drinking 240mls and waking at night when she would normally sleep through. She now refuses to drink more than 100...

Wednesday 19 April 11:43am

Lids replied to topic Nappy rash

hi Ashtons mum, not sure if his rash has gone yet but my daughter recently ended up with really bad nappy rash, dont know why im anal when it comes to changing nappies, i tried johnsons cornstarch ...

Sunday 12 March 11:50am

Lids started new topic Mucous and sniffles?

Hi , my daughter is now 9 weeks old and has sort of had the sniffles twice. once at 2 weeks and at 8 weeks. i have been using the fess nose drops but she sounds so bad in the mornings. I took her ...

Thursday 19 January 07:54pm

Lids started new topic anyone have a epesiotomy?

I had my daughter 5 1/2 weeks ago and she was 4kgs with a large head, unfortuatley i was only on gas throughout my 16 hr labour and was exhausted to push her out and the vacum needed to be used. I...

Sunday 25 December 06:09pm

Lids started new topic 32 weeks and nervous

Hi! Im a first time (soon to be) mother due on 19th November. Anyone else due around the same time? Im starting to get really nervous as i don't deal with pain very well however would like to go ...

Monday 26 September 03:14pm
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