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KylieH replied to topic Sub-Septated Uterus

Thanks. Yeah, all I could find was the early on info. I don't get to see my doctor until next week so thank you for your help! Just really hard to find any info on the net about it.

Friday 20 February 06:50am

KylieH started new topic Sub-Septated Uterus

Does anyone else have a sub-septated uterus? I have been diagnosed with this and can not find any information. This is my second pregnancy and I did not have it with my first child. I am 16 weeks p...

Thursday 19 February 10:51am

KylieH started new topic when to test?

Hi. Just wondering how long you need to wait before doing a pregnancy test. If I am pregnant it is only a week, but my period is not due for another 3 weeks. Can I get an accurate result now or do ...

Saturday 20 January 12:22pm

KylieH started new topic Is tinned baby food ok?

My 6.5 month old daughter will only eat baby yoghurt and tinned baby food. I have made every puree imaginable and she just gaggs on it. I have taken the same recipies and same consistancy of the ti...

Wednesday 16 August 11:33am

KylieH started new topic sleeping too much?

My 10 week old daughter is has been sleeping 8.5 hours during the night, but would be awake all day without even a catnap. The past week she has been sleeping all the time. She has just increased h...

Thursday 20 April 06:50am

KylieH started new topic doesn't want to feed anymore

Hi guys I have a 7 week old daughter and this week she has stopped having her bottle. She was drinking 120ml every 3 hours, and has now only been having 60-70ml, starts screaming during the feed a...

Friday 24 March 02:30pm

KylieH replied to topic Best suburbs

Hi meemee, I don't live in Tas anymore, but spent my whole life there, and I personally think Launceston is the best place of all! I also lived at Bicheno, beautiful place but don't live there!!!

Saturday 11 March 11:01pm

KylieH started new topic What is 'normal' weight gain?

Hi guys, I have a 4 week old, and took her to be weighed today. She has gained 620g in 2 weeks, I was told that babies gain 150g - 200g per week. Just wondering if that's too much. She was born 3....

Tuesday 07 March 03:24pm

KylieH replied to topic Hiccups

My daughter also gets the hiccups all the time. Did your daughter hiccup inside you when you were pregnant? Mine did and apparently if they hiccup inside you, they will hiccup when they come out! J...

Friday 03 March 02:40pm

KylieH replied to topic Support in Brisbane

Hi Sharon, Here is a phone number for Child Youth and Family Health Service - 3862 2333. There are a few clinics on the south side, they might be able to tell you where they are on the north. I ...

Thursday 02 March 07:59am

KylieH replied to topic Curves

Hi Angelo1098, Is it called curves windsor? They have a web site Hope that is the right gym, good luck with the wieght loss! Kylie

Saturday 25 February 08:37am

KylieH replied to topic Pethadine in Labour

It made me very sleepy and didn't ease the pain at all. Sorry, but maybe it's different for other people. Good luck!

Thursday 23 February 10:20am

KylieH replied to topic Public Property!

Hi Mele, I kow what you mean! When I was pregnant everyone felt they had a right to tell you what you should/shouln't do, what to eat/not to eat, what your doing wrong and how big you

Thursday 23 February 10:02am

KylieH started new topic Car Capsules???

Hi guys, Can anyone help me out....I have been looking everywhere for a car capsule that you can lay a newborn in, and also carry it out of the car. I can't seem to find one, do they exist?!? Als...

Tuesday 21 February 02:43pm

KylieH replied to topic Hemaroids

I had them throughout my pregnancy aswell, I just left them as they wern't that bad. They went away. If they get bad I would see your GP though. I did mention it to my midwife and she didn't seem t...

Saturday 11 February 02:16pm

KylieH started new topic Any ideas for valentines day?

Hi guys, I am due any moment now, and have not even thought about what to get my partner for Valentines day. Just wondering if anyone has some ideas, and what are you doing for your hubbies/part...

Thursday 26 January 08:28am

KylieH replied to topic Phantom Periods

Hi Aniela, I have also had period like symptoms through out my pregnancy aswell. I didn't even take a test until I was 7 weeks, because I felt like I had a period coming, and just kept putting it ...

Wednesday 25 January 06:33pm

KylieH replied to topic am i in labour???

I know how you feel, I've had the same symptoms for about a week now, except for the show. I can't really help much, but apparently if your unsure, you're probably not in labour. But thats not to s...

Wednesday 25 January 09:38am

KylieH replied to topic What do you think of child harnesses?

Hi, My mum has us on a harness when my brother and I were little. I was the early eighties, so it was a pretty daggy time anyway! I didn't think that they still made them until recently I have see...

Sunday 22 January 11:30am

KylieH started new topic Where does the show come?

I just wanted to know if you can begin contractions before the show? Or do you always have a show before you go into labour?

Wednesday 18 January 07:23pm
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