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sharlan replied to topic Refuses solids for breakfast

Y don't you try and put crushed up weet bix in a cup of milk or bottle, (the only problem there is that the weetbix clog the hole in the teat up, but prick it with a pin to make a bigger) that way ...

Sunday 04 December 05:41pm

sharlan started new topic cramps??

I get these bad cramps in my legs when i sit still or lay down too long, why is this?? And will it affect my labor and how can I prevent the cramps???

Tuesday 29 November 07:06pm

sharlan replied to topic Boys Playing With Dollies

My 2 1/2yr old son has a doll and he loves it. He claimed it from his sisters collection and never lets it out of his site. He takes it in the car, to pre-school, bed, eats dinner with it etc. He w...

Monday 28 November 07:43pm

sharlan started new topic ne1 have snacks and lunch ideas????

would ne1 have good suggestions on a healthy diet for a 2 1/2 year old?? I'm running out of ideas and i'm sure that my son is getting sick of the same food. Every time that i go into my local super...

Monday 28 November 07:24pm

sharlan started new topic REVESBY PPL HELP

need help to find an old mate!!! If ne1 out there knows a robbie from revesby plz let me know he would be in his late 20's and lives near blackbutt close area

Sunday 27 November 01:44pm

sharlan replied to topic Musid downloads?

i downloaded BLUBSTER its free but you can only download MP3's and it is kinda slow but if you can't find nething else and got an mp3 player than its worth a go

Sunday 27 November 01:16pm

sharlan replied to topic Toilet training a 12 month old - is it possible?

It is mearly impossible to toilet trian a child by 12mths as a child does not have bladder control until they are approxmantly 1 1/2 yrs old. And then it still depends on the maturity of the child...

Friday 25 November 04:17pm

sharlan replied to topic HELP NEED BOYS NAMES ASAP

how about; Geta Way Throwa Way Curdesn Way LOL My parter n I like ur partners suggestions, lol we got a laugh out of it. If you didn't already have a middle name the boy could be called; All The...

Monday 21 November 05:27pm

sharlan started new topic MID NORTH COAST or ne1 interested in emailing??

Hey all any one from Kempsey Port MacQuarie or Taree areas that would like to e-mail or even get to know each other to do social activities together. I have a partner with 2 children one 4yrs and ...

Sunday 20 November 05:27pm

sharlan started new topic DUE IN JANUARY '06'

Any one due in January 2006 and giving birth in Kempsey or Port MacQuarie Hospitals Who would like to do social activities together??? Partnered or single?? Before n after birth and exchange emails??

Thursday 17 November 05:07pm

sharlan started new topic The larger the baby the harder the labor???

I've had to previous pregnancies, both natural born with no drugs. 1st baby was 6pound the 2nd 5pound 7ounces. But during my pregnancy i was a pot smoker n occasional drinker. i'm now pregnant with...

Thursday 17 November 04:54pm

sharlan started new topic The more kids you have does the labor get easier???

Is it true that the more children that you give birth to, the easier it gets??

Thursday 17 November 04:47pm
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