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carrie1 replied to topic Interesting sites to visit?!?! is a great site for my 3yr old,she can do so many things on it,gives me a break from time to time!!

Tuesday 08 May 05:30pm

carrie1 replied to topic AMAZING PREM BUBBY

I know a lady in my home town in Nz and she gave birth to set of twins at 22wks, they survived,they are the youngest surviving twins in NZ

Thursday 22 February 02:37pm

carrie1 started new topic townhouse's

Hi, Im looking at moving out (i live with my mum) & just wondering about townhouse's, has anyone lived in or living in them & can tell me the pro's & con's. Thanks

Saturday 06 January 11:01am

carrie1 replied to topic 60 mins at it again this time with young mummies!

Well it seems like all the older woman have very short memories!! Im sure 30 years ago & more all the woman where married & had kids by the time they reached 20 cause they was no aim for woman back...

Thursday 09 November 12:01pm

carrie1 replied to topic TOUGH SITUATION what would you do?

It must be very hard to watch your Daughter bring up her kids like that, those poor kids they need to be taken out of that envrioment now, they should of been taken out ages ago,i cant understand h...

Monday 23 October 03:16am

carrie1 replied to topic my 6.5mth old no longer likes a bath why??

Has she had a fright lately while she was in the bath? My little boy was the same about the same age to he would scream while he was in there,so i would put him in & if he scream i would take him ...

Wednesday 27 September 01:32pm

carrie1 replied to topic Gyms with babysitting facilities

Hi there, Where abouts on southside are you?Igo to Zest at Cleveland & they have a kids club,im pretty sure all the zest gyms around do

Saturday 23 September 10:54am

carrie1 started new topic Blues Clues teddy

Just wondering if anyone can help, My son (10 mths)has a blues clues dog that we brought from Dreamworld and its his favourite thing he can only go to sleep when he is sucking the ears off it but n...

Tuesday 19 September 03:07am

carrie1 replied to topic Group B strep

Hi there, I had strep b with both my babies,with my 2nd,i had him last year i went to hospital thinking that i was hours away from giving birth and had him within the hour so i wasnt hooked up to i...

Tuesday 25 July 05:14pm

carrie1 started new topic Help with feeding/sleeping issues...

Hi there, The daycare should do as you say and put your daughter to sleep when she is tired,but maybe there is just to much going on for her to go to sleep. My DD is 2 and she goes to daycare 2 tim...

Saturday 03 June 03:46pm

carrie1 replied to topic Getting toddler to sleep on her own

I am in the same boat,my 2yr old was really good going to bed but then we had a really bad storm in January she woke up during it real scared,when she would go to bed she would sream the house down...

Friday 19 May 12:14pm

carrie1 replied to topic SAFE ARRIVAL

Congrats to you! Hope you are enjoying every moment,it is an experince you never forget. Ive just had my 2nd baby and its still so special but the 1st is amazing cause everything is new.

Friday 14 April 05:18pm

carrie1 replied to topic any oct babies crawling??

hey there, My boy was born 23rd of october and he is not crawling he is nowhere near it yet but he moves forward in like a frog position. My daughter only crawled for 1 week then she walked but t...

Friday 14 April 05:09pm

carrie1 replied to topic Oct '05 baby gold coast

Hey Nat, I live on the bayside in Brisbane and my baby Jake was born on 23rd Oct as well.Im 23 Ive only been living here for 9mths so i dont know many people,i do go to a mothers group but they ar...

Tuesday 28 March 10:55am

carrie1 replied to topic Toilet Training

Hey, Hows the training going?.My daughter is 27 months and havent started training yet,she watches us go to the loo and i put her on it but she does nothin. Ireally want to get her out of nappies s...

Sunday 26 March 05:04pm

carrie1 replied to topic what really bugs me is when my 2.5 year old is having a tantrum and people just stare

Hi My 2yr old throws tantrums too,but if we are out at the supermarket i let her help me with the shopping like giving her things to put in the trolley ,it gives her something to do otherwise she d...

Thursday 23 March 12:52pm

carrie1 replied to topic YoUNG MUM ON THE SOUTH SIDE

Hi my name is Carrie,im 23,i have 2 kids,brookes she's2 and Jake hes 4mths. I live in Victoria Point, ive only just moved here from NZ,would love to meet new mums. My email is [email protected]

Wednesday 01 March 04:53am

carrie1 started new topic Vicky point area

My name is Carrie,im 23yrs old and i moved to Victoria point from NZ 8mths ago. I have a 2 yr old girl and a 4mth old boy. Would like to meet other mums in the area, my email is [email protected]

Monday 27 February 05:52am

carrie1 replied to topic PREGNANT AGAIN

Hey, Ialso think you have been blessed with this baby whats the difference havin it now or later,you were going to have another 1 anyway and their is nothing wrong with having babys out of wedlock ...

Saturday 25 February 03:18pm

carrie1 replied to topic Help me - 33 weeks with 2.9 kg baby!

Half the time they dont know what they are on about,with my 1st baby at 37wks they said she was gonna be 7lb but she was a big 10lb1oz & the same happed with baby no 2, he was 10lb4oz,so just relax...

Friday 11 November 02:45pm
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