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jess&bub started new topic Poems for daughters Christening

Hi everyone, Just having a bit of trouble finding a beautiful and meaningful poem for my daughters Christening. Any ideas you have would be fantastic!!! Thanks

Thursday 24 July 12:57pm

jess&bub replied to topic God parents

Hi Dmummy, As long as one of the God parents are Catholic it doesnt matter to the Church.

Thursday 24 July 12:53pm

jess&bub replied to topic Too Young

Angus Mummy, I think you have used your mothering instinct with your choice and that is great as you should believe in your self. I have seen what starting solids before the 6 month mark has don...

Sunday 13 July 05:40am

jess&bub replied to topic Will my baby wake my toddler?

Hi I have a 2 1/2 month old and an almost 2 year old. There rooms are next to each other and we have floor bords throughout so I was very worried aswell, but my once very light sleep has now learnt...

Sunday 23 March 12:37pm

jess&bub replied to topic what does your partner like to do?

Well my DF is a complete computer nerd in disguise!!! If you saw him down the street you'd think it was the last thing on his hobbies list. He is an obsessed online gamer and is a wiz at fixing, up...

Sunday 16 September 04:48am

jess&bub replied to topic Unique girl names starting with A

Well Our choice for a girls name is Akaisha ( A-KAY-SHA ) or can be spelled Acaica. We thought it was very pretty and soft

Wednesday 01 August 12:13pm

jess&bub replied to topic James or Jamie

I think you should use James then you can both win as you can always use Jamie as his nick name. I don't think it would be weird at all. Good luck!

Wednesday 01 August 11:44am

jess&bub replied to topic UNUSUAL, UNIQUE, DIFFERENT!!

Well we are using Akaisha which is an Irish name for a flower or it can be spelt Acacia which is the Greek version which is a thorn bush but still a pretty name! Others that were on our list were...

Tuesday 10 July 03:47am

jess&bub replied to topic Tyler, Brock or Tanner-BOYS

Well I would definitly choose Tyler! ( since its my sons name!!!) But I do think Tanner is nice, I guess you will know for sure once you hold your baby in you arms (= Good luck me and DF always fi...

Wednesday 20 June 03:13am

jess&bub started new topic brown discharge

Hi I am now 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I have had brown discharge basicly this whole time in different amounts. it seems to stop for a week or so then start back up againfor many weeks....

Monday 18 June 04:33am

jess&bub replied to topic unhappy scan

Your not being stupid at all. I was really really wanting a girl with my first on ( and hoping for this one!). When I found out it was a boy I was upset too and couln't imagine life with a son. My ...

Sunday 03 June 08:33am

jess&bub replied to topic can i do this??

Yes you can do this!!! Congratulations by the way. It is an exciting time even though your husband isn't being supportive. We went through a tough few months at the begining with my first. My bubba...

Sunday 03 June 08:26am

jess&bub replied to topic Unmarried but Partnered.

I have been with my now fiance for 5 years. Had Tyler 2006 and were engaged feb this year. We were planning to wed next august, but with bubs no.2 arriving the wedding has been put on hold till the...

Saturday 02 June 07:53am

jess&bub replied to topic HOW MUCH DOES UR PARTNER DO AROUND THE HOUSE??

Carline I know exactly how you feel! my fiance does nothing around the house!!! Yes he works, but he comes home and straight onto the computer aswell till he goes to bed bout 1am. He will play with...

Saturday 02 June 07:32am

jess&bub replied to topic Baby due in jan 08

Hi everyone congratulations!!! We are due with bubba no#2 on the 13th Jan 08. Very excited, but also a lil nervous about dealing with my clingy toddler! He is a major mummies boy, so we planned to...

Saturday 02 June 04:12am

jess&bub replied to topic Dad's Name - Confusion???

Hi Caity, I think it is a really sweet idea, but unfortunatly I know it will be difficult for your son & partner. My fiance and his dad only have the same first and last name and it has been a maor...

Friday 01 June 11:13am

jess&bub replied to topic Weaning from Breastfeeding - wont take cows milk or formula

Hi Shanshan, I had the same problem with my lil man when he turned 1. I had cut down to only night breastfeed and offer milk in the mornings as soon as he woke so he had room in his tummy. Also a t...

Sunday 29 April 05:26am

jess&bub replied to topic How much sleep for a nearly 8mth old????

Hi Renee, I wouldn't worry too much. My bubs is nearly 8 months and he seems to go through days of alot of sleep, then a few with less. I def think it has to do with all the activity they are doin...

Wednesday 22 November 08:26am

jess&bub replied to topic Communication Breakdown!

Yes ladies I understand the frustration!!!! I am currently trying to save our relationship myself, which is like slamming my head into a brick wall. My bf has been playing WOW constantly since it ...

Monday 20 November 11:21am

jess&bub replied to topic Eating too much?

I wouldn't worry at all! My bub is almost 7 months, has been on solids since 20 weeks and has : breaky - 4 tbls of rice cereal with fruit, lunch- a bowl full of fruit (eg. a whole banana & rice a...

Friday 27 October 04:45am
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