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crazy1 replied to topic seizures

Hey, Glad to hear that Charlie is doing well. Just wanted to mention that when my little girl was about 15 months old we went through exactly the same thing. She was sick the night before, proba...

Wednesday 10 March 03:14am

crazy1 replied to topic Due December

Hi There, I am sure my Doctor will be even more happier i am due December 25th With my second and my first is 22 months. I hope i will go early as i had a scetion with my first so more than likely ...

Friday 11 May 10:25am

crazy1 replied to topic 4mths-how many feeds a day????

Hi, My boy is the same age and weight and he is having the same number of feeds but a little less qtys as well as some solid food. Baby rice and fruit custard i have found that he really likes.

Sunday 23 October 10:19am

crazy1 replied to topic when to start solids

I started My little boy at 3 mths with Farex Pear and Banana he loves it. I also have tried him with fruit custard he really gets into that. He is also still having his bottles as well

Sunday 23 October 10:14am
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