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JennyWit replied to topic Bubba Moe Baby Slings....thoughts?

Thanks for posting this topic! I want to breastfeed while bub is in the sling and thought the bubba moe would be best for this. I would love to hear from other mums about how suitable this sling is...

Tuesday 23 February 08:00pm

JennyWit replied to topic Basic Baby Monitor - Fisher Price Lights & Sounds

Just make sure which ever one you buy is digital as they don't make the static noise.

Tuesday 23 February 07:56pm

JennyWit replied to topic Capsule vs Carseat

I had my first two boys in a regular car seat. I am pregnant with number three and am buying a baby love snap n go capsule for this one as I have lots of trips to kinder to do and do not want to ha...

Tuesday 23 February 07:54pm

JennyWit replied to topic ideas for gift basket for a new mum

I did one for my friend and put in some things that she would need when her baby was a bit older such as baby panadol gripe water hylands teething tablets these are things that you don't think abo...

Tuesday 23 February 07:43pm

JennyWit replied to topic Evening "routine" with 7 week old.

I just thought I'd offer an alternative view. I didn't try to get my babies to sleep until 9.30pm at that age. I would put them in a bouncer next to me in the lounge room and feed them as much as t...

Tuesday 23 February 07:28pm

JennyWit replied to topic Wees in the toilet but won't poo

This is so frustrating isn't it. I put DS2 back into pullups because he kept pooing in his undies. I kept taking him to the toilet for wees as if he was wearing undies. I caught him starting to do ...

Tuesday 23 February 06:57pm

JennyWit replied to topic TT boys close in age

Hi, My boys are 14 months apart and I had them both on the potty (had to buy two) for a while. The younger one wants to do what the older one is doing so go with it. I would keep a potty next to th...

Tuesday 23 February 06:38pm

JennyWit replied to topic My weird and wonderful question for the day..

This happens to me a lot lately, I was wondering if its a pregnancy thing cos I didn't notice it before?

Saturday 06 February 08:30pm

JennyWit replied to topic Buying 2nd Hand pressies for your kids

Yes, I have bought some fantastic toys from Ebay and it meant that they would get a lot more toys than if we bought them all new. I have also bought toys for them that you don't see or can't get in...

Saturday 06 February 08:28pm

JennyWit replied to topic What absent minded things have you done whilst pregnant?

I forgot to go to work a couple of weeks ago! Last week I did go to work but with my top on inside out, who does that???

Saturday 06 February 08:22pm

JennyWit replied to topic Oops we did it again

I know exactly how you feel right now! My boys are 14 months apart. I was so sick with my second. I remember being sick and just crying because I had a baby to look after and I felt so sick all day...

Friday 08 January 09:00pm

JennyWit replied to topic Reward Charts

Hi, The best thing we introduced is called "The Happy Box" It is a large shoebox that has different treats inside. Examples we have had: Bubble mix (a huge favourite) and re-fillable too A new tenn...

Tuesday 30 June 06:37pm

JennyWit replied to topic Should I take her to the hossy

If she is old enough raise her head and back with a couple of pillows, if she is still in a cot roll up a towel(s) and place under the mattress to make an incline. This helps with the choking feeli...

Thursday 18 June 07:24pm

JennyWit replied to topic Disiplining a puppy.....

I used chilli powder to stop my puppy from chewing stuff, worked straight away! My 2.5 year old king charles spaniel is nicknamed Imelda. She just adores shoes. Every night she has to have a shoe ...

Thursday 18 June 07:20pm

JennyWit replied to topic Anyone TTC a particular sex in 2008?

I am glad this thread is back! We decided not to try last year and I am TTC a girl this month. I am using a maybe baby ovulation tester and have been taking magnesium and calcium tablets. The chin...

Wednesday 17 June 12:46pm

JennyWit replied to topic Position of Car Seats??

My reasons are due to the road. I have DS2 on the passenger side. I get DS1 to climb in first and sit in his seat. It takes me longer to put DS2 in his seat so it is safer for me and the boys to ge...

Friday 29 May 05:21pm

JennyWit replied to topic Ice cream cone cupcakes

Thank you so much for posting this! I made them for my son's birthday today and all the children loved them. I just happened to see your post the day before I had left over cake mix. Yum, yum, t...

Sunday 29 March 08:01pm

JennyWit replied to topic When did you milk come in?

My milk took too long with DS1 and he ended up having comp feeds of formula. With DS2 I started taking a fenugreek tablet with every meal from the day he was born. It made my milk come in 2 days f...

Monday 02 March 09:32pm

JennyWit replied to topic help with potty to big toilet training

I had the same problem. I got DS1 to stand up and wee into the toilet as soon as he was tall enough. When he got used to that, one day when he told me he needed the potty I grabbed the toilet seat...

Monday 02 March 09:23pm

JennyWit replied to topic Last Baby cant help but feel sad

I feel the same as you. I would love to have another baby but DH isn't so sure. I tell myself that a third boy would be wonderful but know deep down that I would love a girl so that I have the mot...

Friday 27 February 08:51pm
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