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-Princess- replied to topic I dont want to go thru this again

At the moment i am kinda fighting with myself. i know i should go to the doctors to do something about it but at the same time i half think, if i just smile and dont say anything about it then i ca...

Friday 28 October 05:49am

-Princess- replied to topic I dont want to go thru this again

Thanks, I know it will get better, im constantly reminding myself that but sometimes its hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel when ive got a baby screaming in my ear at 3am.

Thursday 27 October 04:28am

-Princess- started new topic I dont want to go thru this again

I had PND with my first baby, gave up breastfeeding as i hated it. and after a terrible first year i still havent bonded with my daughter, as terrible as it sounds i cant even hug or kiss her witho...

Thursday 27 October 04:14am

-Princess- replied to topic Making your own baby wipes

I use witch hazel & Rosewater mixed with water and then have those baby face clothes (i have a different colour for the face and bum) and i soak them in it. when i go out i use the small plastic hu...

Thursday 27 October 03:42am

-Princess- replied to topic I don't know what to do

Hi, sorry i dont have any advise for you, but i know how you feel. my partner is exactly the same. it is very hard to know what to do. i just dont say anything when he starts yelling and swearing a...

Tuesday 26 July 12:32pm

-Princess- replied to topic Mucus plug question.

Thanks . im hoping sooner rather then later. but i have heard that the plug can reform. Im so over all the aches and pains. my last 2 were so easy. i thought #3 would be even easier. not harder. lol

Friday 08 July 06:33pm

-Princess- started new topic Mucus plug question.

I never had a show with my first 2 kids so i have no idea what it looks like. But does it have to have blood in it? the last few days ive been getting this jelly like discharge. anywher between ...

Friday 08 July 06:12pm

-Princess- replied to topic Used Accupuncture for inducement?

I Had accupunture with DS at 38 weeks 5days to induce labour. In saying that i also took 2 teaspoons of castor oil. Got it at 10am, castor oil at 11am and 1pm ish. by 6pm i was having regular contr...

Friday 08 July 05:55pm

-Princess- replied to topic Weight Gain worries

im 22. and was 54kg pre pregnancy 170cm tall. so far ive gained 16kg. as long as you are eating healthy i wouldnt worry at all.

Tuesday 31 May 09:37pm

-Princess- replied to topic I did a tinkle :-/

yep. unfortunatly i always had that problem if i laughed too much. i clearly remember my mum yelling at my stepdad "dont tickle her, she'll wet herself" I try tell my partner that, his reply is "so...

Tuesday 31 May 09:29pm

-Princess- replied to topic Giving birth to a 3rd child

im due with my 3rd in 2months and have been wondering the same. DD was an emergency CS after a 11-12 hr labour with 2hrs of pushing. DS i left first proper contraction at 6.30pm and he was born ...

Tuesday 31 May 09:10pm

-Princess- started new topic Epic Fail

Ok i have a feeling this isn't going to make much sense, but i will try my best. I feel like i've f**kd things up real good for myself, all while knowing what i was getting myself into. My bf of...

Saturday 28 May 12:55am

-Princess- replied to topic Putting the ultrasounds on facebook INSENSITIVE?

I kept my pregnancy very quiet and off Facebook till i was over 20weeks. i had afew complications and didn't want people knowing until i knew everything was ok. I now have baby bump pictures on m...

Saturday 21 May 04:46am

-Princess- replied to topic Baby capsules (in NZ)

Baby Factory also does hire. thats what i did with my first bub. its a great option since they arnt in them for long. otherwise have so good priced ones. i know afew people that ha...

Friday 20 May 01:39am

-Princess- replied to topic Dummys and Newborns

DD wouldnt take a dummy till she was 3months. some people say it confuses them. but if bubz is better with a dummy definatly use one. i found it the best thing ever wen DD finally took to one.

Friday 20 May 01:36am

-Princess- replied to topic baby swings

I got given a Fisher price one from Kmart, it was the best thing anyone brought me. DS was abit colicky and it was great for settling him, and while i had a shower, cooked dinner etc. only thing i ...

Friday 20 May 01:34am

-Princess- replied to topic Constant sore feet

I have a similar problem. i find wearing good supportive shoes really helps. i also started wearing a Tube bandage on the really bad foot. it made a huge difference. i have to massage my feet and a...

Thursday 19 May 09:13pm

-Princess- replied to topic Just curious... how do you spend your evenings?

DP gets home anytime between 4pm - 8pm. I usually have dinner ready by 6pm. kids are bathed and ready for bed by 7pm. They usually dont go to bed till 7.30 though. We usually just watch TV on th...

Tuesday 17 May 10:14pm

-Princess- replied to topic McDonalds

hmmm dont think i want milkshakes from maccas anymore lol. DP gets them all the time. we always go thru the drive thru. have to laugh though. if they tell us the machine isnt working we go thru eve...

Saturday 14 May 12:37am

-Princess- started new topic Questioning where ive gone wrong.

I dont expect a reply just need to get my thoughts out before they drive me crazy. When DD was 6months old i was told i had PND, was on meds for about 9months. in the mean time DP(now ex) was che...

Thursday 12 May 08:30pm
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