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Jacka started new topic I dont want to stop breastfeeding but...

Hi girls I need some assistance. My DD is 11 month old and is currently having two breastfeeds morning and evening and cows milk in a cup at lunch time. I am happy to continue along with breastfee...

Wednesday 28 June 10:39am

Jacka replied to topic Does anyone do family daycare?

Sonja do you mean have their child in FDC or do it as in look after the kids? I have had bailey in FDC but wont go and tel you all about it if thats not what you are after xox

Saturday 24 June 06:29am

Jacka replied to topic Ratio of cows milk to water

Ree I just spoke to the MCH line on friday because i am wanting to wean my little girl (almost 11 months) because i am going back to uni.. I didnt want to put her on formula just for one month so...

Monday 19 June 11:56am

Jacka started new topic IM GOING TO ROBBIE!!!

Sorry to brag girls but i just have to share my excitment! I just got through to ticketmaster and FINALLY got my tickets to robbie williams... I AM SO EXCITED!! CAnt wait, we got tickets on the flo...

Saturday 03 June 01:48pm

Jacka started new topic Melbourne mums on msn

Hi girls Just wondering if any of you melbourne mums out there were on msn and if so, wanna chat. Im Jacquie i have a 5 y.o boy and a 10mth girl and obviously i live in melbourne if anyone woul...

Saturday 27 May 09:46am

Jacka replied to topic Not enough weight gain

Hi Kristie one of the best ways to improve your supply is express You should express after each feed - on both breasts even if its only for 5 mintues. The other thing you can try is offering him ...

Thursday 25 May 10:18am

Jacka started new topic 1st birthday in winter

Hi ladies I am after some suggestions. my bubs is going to be turning one in the middle of winter (end of july) I am just after some suggestions of what we can do when its that cold - especially b...

Thursday 25 May 06:01am

Jacka started new topic WHO breastfeeding growth charts

For all us breastfeeding mums out there worrying that our bubs are not putting on enough weight, the WHO has put out an individual growth chart for babies that are exclusively breast fed. As we all...

Wednesday 24 May 07:34am

Jacka replied to topic "average" weight gain?

From memory i think its about 150 gm per week

Wednesday 24 May 07:30am

Jacka replied to topic I can't bring myself to wean!

Hi MumOfLittleMinsk Can I just ask you - is the only reason you are trying to wean because of your neck (dont have to answer if you dont want) but if you are not happy weaning - dont do it!! I ha...

Wednesday 24 May 06:53am

Jacka started new topic 10 months - what's your routine

Hi Ladies My little bubba is about to turn 10 months this week. Just wondering what your routines are at this age?

Tuesday 23 May 01:17pm

Jacka replied to topic How many milk drinks? 12 months.

Hey logansmum Can I suggest that you post it in the toldlers section to get some advice from mums with some older bubs. I have found that there doesnt seem to be as many "older" babies in here to...

Saturday 20 May 05:11am

Jacka replied to topic Recommended Teats for a Breastfed Baby ??

Hi Tia Sorry to change the topic but I was wanting to contact the ABA to discuss somethings and was wondering how you go about it?? In answer to your question my DD who REFUSED to take expressed ...

Saturday 20 May 05:07am

Jacka replied to topic Nursing Pads

With my first I used disposable pads (all diferent brands) and found them expensive, smelly (if you left them on for too long, and they used to stick to my nipples, which didnt help at the start wh...

Friday 19 May 10:42am

Jacka started new topic Calling all mums still breast feeding at 10 + months

Hi all, I am looking for all mums out there that are still breastfeeding their 10+ months old bubbas. My DD is turning 10 months next weeks and have NO idea how to wean. My older son self weaned...

Thursday 18 May 04:37pm

Jacka replied to topic Sleeping Routines

Hi Teneille I dare say that at 8 months its probably not a growth spurt (tho Im no expert!!) I wouldnt (personally) be getting in the habbit of letting her wake for a feed. If she has been sleepi...

Wednesday 17 May 06:17am

Jacka started new topic I know I shouldnt complain, but...

Hi My DD never used to sleep throught the night used to wake anywhere from 2 -5 time. After reading Tizzy halls book she now sleeps through every nite and God I love it. Lately she is waking up l...

Thursday 11 May 10:00am

Jacka started new topic Terra Firma baby products

Hi all I know this is a really weird post but I am stuck. I was given a few bottles of different Terra Firma baby products when my daughter was born as presents. They are fantastic, espeically th...

Wednesday 10 May 10:16am

Jacka replied to topic STUDYING

Hi Amanda I started my degree (straight from school) and got pregnant when I was 19!! Bit of a shock but we soildered on! I took 12 months off uni and went back to uni full time when my little man...

Wednesday 10 May 09:41am

Jacka replied to topic Slept from 6:30pm till 6:00am

Congrats Jo, By 20 weeks - you're doing well. Dont you just feel like a new woman after a full nights sleep!!

Thursday 04 May 01:32pm
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