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arebbeck replied to topic Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I’ve signed up. How about you?

I just signed up too!

Saturday 03 September 02:43am

arebbeck replied to topic Labour....

My labour began at approx 4pm one afternoon (bubs was 5 days overdue and I was packing to be induced the next day). In hindsight it began the night before with slight lower back pain (similar to i...

Sunday 27 August 11:35am

arebbeck started new topic Recipie Request....

You could check this website: I hope you find something as tasty as you've described! And 'melt in your mouth' usually equates to a truckload of butter!

Thursday 24 August 10:08am

arebbeck started new topic Is she really ready for solids???

Just a quick question for all you mums who have started feeding solids.... My DD is now 5 mnths old and is constantly watching us eat and reaching out to our plates etc. We thought that it might b...

Saturday 05 August 10:04am

arebbeck replied to topic Can a b/f baby sleep for 12 hours?

Hi Sunrise, it sounds like you have the same routine as us! Although we have slowly moved the late feed forward to around 9:30/:45pm and Ava is in bed by 10pm. I have been trying to increase th...

Saturday 05 August 05:58am

arebbeck replied to topic Baby falls asleep half way through last feed??

Or feed him as soon as he wakes up. Then he can play and then fall asleep. Also try changing his nappy halfway through the feed.

Saturday 05 August 05:34am

arebbeck replied to topic Alone

I was saddened to read your post. Take care. You can 'talk' to us at any time.

Thursday 03 August 05:59am

arebbeck replied to topic Mother-In-Law!

Hi Nikki, your MIL sounds like the type that can cut right through you with a single comment. You just have to look through these forums to know that there are PLENTY of them out there. Thankfull...

Thursday 03 August 05:57am

arebbeck replied to topic how things have changed

Sounds good leesa, let's hope he keeps it up! Sometimes the male population need things spelt out VERY clearly to them, even when its right in front of their faces.....

Wednesday 19 July 11:14am

arebbeck replied to topic step pa (a lil b!tch session)

I agree! I asked for Tizzies book for christmas (when I was 7 mnths preg) and got so much grief from my step family (my step-mum and step-brother who has 3 girls). They made me feel so stupid f...

Friday 14 July 06:16pm

arebbeck replied to topic Anyone dilate before due date?

hello, I was told on a wednesday that I was 2cm dilated and went into natural labour the day after. My show came about 2 weeks prior. At least you know that things are starting to happen - good ...

Tuesday 11 July 05:38am

arebbeck replied to topic best time to keep bubs up

I agree. Ava sleeps, feeds then plays. I think its a bad habit to get into to feed a baby to sleep. Best to let them play, watch for the tired signs, then put them to bed awake. They learn to s...

Wednesday 28 June 05:58am

arebbeck replied to topic Help! 3 month old won't feed.

I just went through the same thing, and have managed to come out the other end fairly unscathed! Ava had been b/fed since birth & we were giving her a bottle of EBM each day. I feed her 4 hourl...

Tuesday 27 June 07:24am

arebbeck replied to topic Babyroo

Check out and you can search your state for locations/ times etc

Saturday 24 June 10:50am

arebbeck replied to topic Baby Car Capsule

Hi c4lin, we also hired a capsule for Ava - about $60 I think. They only hold bubs up to 6 months though so we'll have to get a proper car seat at some stage. At 3 months, she is already starting...

Wednesday 07 June 04:43pm

arebbeck started new topic Detergent for sensitive skin

Hi everyone, just a quick question..... I would like to know what laundry detergent is BEST for sensitive baby skin (very dry and prone to eczema). We use Cold Power at the moment and I know that...

Tuesday 06 June 06:28am

arebbeck started new topic HELP- breast refusal!!!

I am hoping that some of you lovely mummies can help me. The last few days my 13 week old has started to refuse one of my boobs! She arches her back, cries, screams and goes all tense. And it se...

Sunday 04 June 05:42pm

arebbeck replied to topic bottle advice

My baby was also a sleepy feeder, but it got easier as she got older and she became more aware. But I do remember it being REALLY hard to keep her awake and wondering if she was getting enough mil...

Sunday 04 June 05:30pm

arebbeck replied to topic cord

Ours took a while, perhaps a couple of weeks. It got a bit infected and we had to use Betadine on it.

Saturday 27 May 06:16am

arebbeck replied to topic refusing formula but not the bottle

Are you able to mix the two??? Not sure as I've never used formla before, but if you could slowly introduce some into your own bottled milk it could work.

Saturday 27 May 05:58am
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