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Prue started new topic Help me please - depression

Hi, Well where to start. I was recently diagnosed in February with PND and an anxiety disorder. My son is three so the last thing I thought it could be was PND. I had a very hard time when my so...

Thursday 16 March 11:39am

Prue replied to topic fertility treatment

Hi I can't speak from personal experience. But I am an IVF baby. My mother had multiple miscarriages and alot of trouble concieving. Anyway I was born on the 31/12/1981. So was a much tried for bab...

Wednesday 08 March 11:54am

Prue replied to topic Anyone planning now?

Hi. Hubby and I thought I was "accidently" pregnant since I had no period since 17/12/06. Many negatives later discovered it was my endo playing up and stopping my period that time. Anyway long s...

Wednesday 08 March 08:11am

Prue replied to topic young, unexpected mother

Hi Emmajay. I was an unexpecting mother too. I was very unexpecting because of medical reasons and thought it would never be a possibility. I was excited one moment, petrified the next and didn't...

Tuesday 07 March 06:55am

Prue started new topic Finally decide to give having number 2 a go!

Hi, My husband and I have decided to give having another child a try. I am the very proud mum of one son who turned 3 on the 1st of March. Our son was a huge surprise as I was one of the "lucky" o...

Tuesday 07 March 06:42am
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