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Hannahmary13 started new topic 3 1/2 year old toileting gone down hill

My 3 1/2 year old girl has started going to the toilet in her knickers. It's been like it for over 3 weeks and I'm about to rip my hair out. We have tried all sorts from a sticker chart, ...

Monday 02 January 04:31pm

Hannahmary13 started new topic 4 week old struggling to sleep on back

Hi there our 4 week old is suffering from reflux and struggles to sleep on her back. We get a max 1.5 hours out of her on her back or side. During the day when I can watch her sleep she is on her t...

Tuesday 28 June 08:11am

Hannahmary13 started new topic Onrex (Ondansetron) for Morning Sickness

Has anyone taken onrex ondansetron for morning sickness. My midwife has just prescribed it for me and are wondering if anyone has taken it and how they found it etc?? Thanks

Wednesday 21 October 06:33am

Hannahmary13 started new topic Napisan Bleaching Clothes?????

Help I am not sure what is going on but my babies clothes are coming out of the machine with like bleach marks on them. I don't use bleach but I do soak her clothes in Napisan. Could it be t...

Wednesday 18 March 08:47am

Hannahmary13 started new topic Natural Cough Mixture Recipe

Hi there my little 9 month old girl has a horrible cough which is stopping her sleeping. She is so tired and miserable. I have elevated her cot, put vicks on her feet, put a bowl of hot water wit...

Monday 12 May 11:39am
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