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sbsherpa started new topic 6 month olds - how much do they eat

My baby is 6 & 1/2 months old and loves his food. I only started him on solids 1 & 1/2 weeks ago (because he never seemed interested and certainly wasn't going hungry) and he seems to eat a lot. ...

Tuesday 10 April 06:58pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Breast to formula questions.

I would hold off on giving him the bottle until he's really hungry. Maybe try and draw him out until 3pm and see if he takes more then. Or try a bottle when he wakes in the morning and is at his ...

Tuesday 10 April 06:38pm

sbsherpa replied to topic What type of Bread

I've always given my kids multigrain, right from the start, and I try and get one without presevatives. Now my 3 year old has to have gluten free bread, but I still give her multigrain.

Tuesday 10 April 06:01pm

sbsherpa replied to topic DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN WA

I am not a fan of it at all. Especially right now when it's still dark at 7am. So much for an early morning walk! And I don't find hubby spends any more time with the kids because their bedtime'...

Friday 23 March 10:42am

sbsherpa replied to topic size and weight for 3 yr old ?

DD1 is a bit over 3 and weighs 15.75 kg and is 92.4cm tall. When she turned 3 she was about the same weight but 2cm shorter.

Friday 23 March 10:22am

sbsherpa replied to topic not walking or talking is this normal

I have a nephew who is 17 months and only just walking. He really doesn't talk much either. He can be noisy, but only has a couple of words. He's a second baby too. Their first walked late too ...

Friday 23 March 10:20am

sbsherpa replied to topic Won't feed out in public!

I read somewhere about blindfolding them so they can't see what's happening around them, so they stay focused and feed. I can't remember where I read this but apparently the baby was fine with it ...

Wednesday 21 March 08:40pm

sbsherpa started new topic Gluten-free tips

I've just found out that my 3 year old daughter has coeliac disease. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to start. I have an appointment with a dietician on Tuesday, where I guess I'll learn what ...

Monday 19 March 01:35pm

sbsherpa replied to topic no more day sleeps

See if you can train her to still have some "quiet time" in her room by herself, with some special toys. I've done this with my 3 yo daughter and it's a life saver. I set a timer and when she hea...

Monday 19 March 12:57pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Just an idea for independant feeders

Luckily this has never been a problem for me, but I have another idea. My friend has two truly messy eaters. She uses plastic art smocks instead of bibs. They cover everything, sleeves and pants...

Monday 19 March 12:45pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Ngala

I had a day stay when my first baby was 4 months old. They failed to help us, the baby had 20 minutes sleep the entire day and all we got was "hopefully she'll grow out of it". However, I know of...

Sunday 18 March 01:59pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Pens and Pencils

I let my girls draw as soon as they could hold a pencil (I was studying when they were babies and so they always wanted my pens from me). When they were younger and I didn't trust them not to draw...

Sunday 18 March 01:47pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Crawl or Sit first???

My baby is 5 and 1/2 months and pretty much crawling. He goes all through the house, but it looks more like how a caterpillar - he gets up on his arms and toes with his butt high in the air, walks...

Thursday 15 March 02:21pm

sbsherpa replied to topic so confused

I don't think it's too late. Ask your chn or gp. I've been told that it's possible, but it takes a lot of work.

Sunday 11 March 02:14pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Oh My God.... Help anyone

I think it's pretty normal, and more noticeable in boys. I know several people with boys who have said their darling angels are now really rough, horrible boys. I was told that when boys are about...

Sunday 11 March 02:01pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Public Disciplining???

How do you normally discipline her at home? I would probably just do the same when you're out so she knows the rules and consequences are the same. This way they know they don't get away with thi...

Sunday 11 March 01:49pm

sbsherpa replied to topic Changing Friendships

I'm in a similar situation, but my friends haven't started having kids yet. I know that when I had my first baby my friends were all in such a different place from me - they love their partying an...

Saturday 10 March 04:37pm

sbsherpa replied to topic what is a dad's job??

Could it be that you have different expectations to him about what needs to be done in a day. I think a lot of the time women just see more things that need doing. I know that my hubby is great w...

Thursday 01 March 03:04pm

sbsherpa replied to topic custardy arrangements for baby

I have to agree with the others. She says when she gets her licence she'll bring him over, which seems reasonable to me. A lot of mums are reluctant to leave their babies (esp their first) with p...

Thursday 01 March 02:42pm

sbsherpa replied to topic paper towel

I grew up calling them scott towels - no idea why, it' just what my mum always called them, and she had no idea why she calls them that. Hubby has now got me trained to call them paper towels.

Thursday 01 March 02:24pm
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