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Kara- replied to topic Daycare in the Hawkesbury

Hi Lee, I cant really help you with Windsor as I live over Richmond way but my DS goes to one in Hobartville (Richmond) which is fantastic.

Monday 09 January 09:06am

Kara- replied to topic baby baths

We have a bath aid and its fine, but we live on tank water and I find a bath tub uses too much water, plus when they are older they like to sit up by themselves (the bath aid is reclining). DH wen...

Wednesday 14 December 05:05pm

Kara- replied to topic second immunisation shots help

Hi, Your problems might be related to immunisation and might not I dont really know my (nearly 9 month old) son only got a bit of a fever. I thought you may like some advice on how to help him sle...

Tuesday 15 November 05:51pm

Kara- replied to topic Reflux

Hi Natasha, My little boy will be 9 months old on Thursday, and I'd just like to say hang in there it does get so much better. My little one was diagnosed at 11 days old with reflux (he even spent...

Tuesday 15 November 05:28pm

Kara- replied to topic solids for 4 months

I started my son on solids at 4 months due to his reflux and had no problems (he is now 8 1/2 months old). His Paediatrician suggested it as he had been on medication for his reflux and it was pref...

Saturday 12 November 08:55am

Kara- replied to topic Doctor in Claremont Meadows area

Hi again Elle, I dont know if my dr is seeing any new patients but I see Dr Bill Kefalas at the Derby Street Medical Centre straight across from the entrance to Nepean Public (he is the director e...

Friday 11 November 12:01pm

Kara- replied to topic Does this sound like a thyroid problem?

I have had hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) for about 10 years. I possibly got it young because my mother has it and my great aunt has it also. If you have it the only treatment is taking table...

Thursday 10 November 11:06am

Kara- replied to topic Diahorrea!!!Going INSANE!!

Hi Ada, That was me the week before last. My 8 1/2 month old son had the gastro virus for a week and has just gotten over it last Wednesday thank goodness!! I also had to remove him from all solid...

Thursday 10 November 08:52am

Kara- replied to topic Refuses veges no matter what I try!!

I was warned when starting to feed solids that once they are happy with rice cereal to start them on veges as once they get a taste for sweet things it is very hard to 'convert them'. I started so...

Thursday 10 November 07:40am

Kara- replied to topic safety gates

I have a Valco gate and I have found it great. I know my son is only 8 1/2 months old but I have other kids come here and I use it to keep them out of his room (and to keep our 2 border collies out...

Thursday 10 November 06:51am

Kara- replied to topic have you heard on the news about the poor little toddler

Yes I heard about this and it made me sick to the pit of my stomache. I just couldnt imagine ever going off the edge that much, I feel bad if I even get cranky. I also feel for the rest of the fam...

Thursday 10 November 06:24am

Kara- replied to topic Nepean Private

Hi elle1975, I dont mean to intrude as Im not in your mothers group, I just didnt realise you were from my neck of the woods so to speak. I had my baby at Nepean Private as well (17/2/05 by C-Sect...

Sunday 06 November 01:04pm

Kara- replied to topic Anyone in Windsor - not related to babies at all!

Hi suz01, I live in the Hawkesbury and know the statue you are talking about its Major General Lachlan Macquarie. If you need to know more go to Hawkesbury on the net. It has all the words on the ...

Friday 04 November 04:42pm

Kara- replied to topic Who lives in Sydney NSW

I also live in the Hawkesbury area, there seems to be quite a few of us out this way.

Tuesday 25 October 09:34am

Kara- replied to topic Christmas Present Ideas for 10 month old girl

Hi melly and all, My little boy will also be 10 months at Christmas and we have all his presents sorted thank goodness. His Nanna is getting him a little tricycle with footpegs that can be taken ...

Tuesday 25 October 08:28am

Kara- replied to topic rolling over from front to back

Hi Susan, My little boy is now 7 1/2 months and rolling quite a bit (even in bed). I found that wrapping him is quite ok if I put a second sheet over him during the day, tucked in tightly to each s...

Monday 03 October 02:22pm

Kara- replied to topic She doesnt want to roll!

My little boy is 5 months old now and I thought he would never roll. He is a reflux baby and isnt very fond of being on his tummy. I encouraged him to roll onto his side from his back by using a f...

Thursday 21 July 12:53pm

Kara- replied to topic Anyone due in February 2005????

Hi everyone, Firstly congratulations to Laneisa and Sophi on the birth of your bundles of joy. Now Travis can share his birthday with Laura and Phoebe. Soph you are very normal feeling the way yo...

Wednesday 02 March 05:33pm

Kara- replied to topic Anyone due in February 2005????

Hi everyone, Thanks FirstTime for filling everyone in Re Travis Liam's birth 17/2/05. Congratulations to Kyle (finally hahaha). Congratulations to Kaz on the birth of her little girl. Congratulati...

Saturday 26 February 11:13am

Kara- replied to topic Anyone due in February 2005????

Back again, Just on the phone to FirstTime and she told me that there were more posts so I though I'd duck back on. Welcome melly and thankyou for the advice Re caesar good to hear from someone w...

Wednesday 16 February 04:28pm
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