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nicki71 replied to topic anybody not using daycare?

So glad I've found this conversation as I'm having a terrible time at the moment deciding whether to keep my 1 year old in daycare. He has been going for about the last four weeks for two mornings...

Friday 23 February 05:51am

nicki71 started new topic Childcare in chch?

Hi, wondered if anyone has used childcare in Chch and what their views are? I'm a bit undecided as I started my son for two mornings a week in childcare thinking that it would be good for him befor...

Wednesday 31 January 05:56am

nicki71 started new topic Anyone new to Chch and want to start a coffee group?

Hi, i've recently moved to Chch and wondered if anyone is interested in starting a coffee morning? I have an 11 month old son with another baby due in June!!!

Wednesday 31 January 05:52am

nicki71 started new topic Food for 11 month old - fussy eater

Hi, can anyone offer me any tips, I have an 11 month old ds and he has been on solids since 4.5 months. We have been trying to encourage him to feed himself by giving him lots of finger food at me...

Thursday 11 January 05:00pm

nicki71 started new topic My 8 month old covers his face with flat pillow!

Hi, hope you can help me. Ever since my son was born I put a folded cloth nappy under his head. He has always sucked on it to get himself off to sleep but more recently he seems to be pulling it ...

Thursday 19 October 02:01pm

nicki71 started new topic wiggles and giggles/playgroups etc

hi, hope someone out there can help me, we are moving from wlgtn to chch next week and i have an 8 1/2 month old son who i would like to get involved in some playgroups and hopefully wiggles and gi...

Wednesday 18 October 02:56pm

nicki71 replied to topic How do I start formula feeding?

Hi, I also have a 4 mth old and have been giving him a formula bottle at night for about 8 weeks. We started giving him the formula at around 10pm feed but we found we were having to wake him to g...

Wednesday 31 May 11:56am

nicki71 started new topic Breast and Bottle - Constipation

Can anyone help me? My three month old baby is given a bottle of formula every night as his last feed and after about 6 weeks of doing this he has become constipated. We took him to the Dr who say...

Tuesday 16 May 10:40am
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