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*MummaJo* replied to topic Due September 2013

Hi ladies, I would live to join your Facebook group! I'm due 27th September with my second bubs! Would love to chat and get some friendly advice!

Sunday 14 April 09:30pm

*MummaJo* started new topic Advice on the name Blayke for a girl. :)

My partner and I are having our 2nd baby and already have a few boy names picked but only a couple of girls names. We absolutely love the name Blayke for a girl but are a lil worried everyone will ...

Monday 28 January 02:04pm

*MummaJo* replied to topic boys name ending in A/AH/ER

How about Luca, Micah or Jonah or Ryder! Not sure what u think of Winter, River or Alexander is cute!! Good luck deciding!

Saturday 19 January 09:36pm

*MummaJo* replied to topic How many of you had a strong feeling about the sex of your baby and were right??

We didnt find out what we were having but I knew I was having a boy, might have something to do with there being 28 great grandsons and only 8 girls, haha! But I can't explain how I knew I just did...

Thursday 27 December 08:56am

*MummaJo* replied to topic Should I be worried...

I wouldn't be worried, some babies are just slower then others, my father in law didmt even crawl till he was 15 months, she is obviously just happy rolling around!! If ur worried though go to the ...

Thursday 27 December 08:27am

*MummaJo* started new topic Please vote - Girl Emerson or Blayke

Please help us decide, my partner and I love both Emerson and Blayke for a girl but can't decide, Blayke Emerson sounds good together too, please vote, just interested to see what others think?! Ch...

Sunday 16 December 02:58pm

*MummaJo* replied to topic Unusual Names

BekahBooitsme wrote: I like Taite/Tate, and Blake for a girl too but I think I would spell it more Blayke. That way its slightly more feminine. smile You have already read my list of names in my p...

Monday 10 December 09:59am

*MummaJo* replied to topic Help! So many names!

I love your list, all very similar names we had for our first, his name is Braxton and he gets Brax for short, we have had nothing but compliments about his name!! we seldom had Emerson if he was a...

Friday 07 December 09:10am

*MummaJo* replied to topic just for fun

My lil man is Braxton, (would have been Emmerson if a girl) my niece and nephews are Samuel, Walter, maxwell, zacker, Cody, Brock and Elise, just thought I'd share there names too!! Lol for my nxt ...

Thursday 06 December 09:01pm

*MummaJo* replied to topic Boys names that sound good with Isla

I don't mind the name Archer but what about Braxton, or Blake, Tate Samuel!

Wednesday 05 December 09:24pm
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