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nirres started new topic Induction

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, my baby has been slightly underweight the entire pregnancy and at my last visit my doctor said that it had nothing in it's stomach so it was hard to determine its ...

Friday 04 August 08:41am

nirres started new topic Is it kicking?

I have been have short sharp jobs really low down, they can sometimes be painful I dont know whether its the baby or not. I usually get them at night time and think I can feel little movements on m...

Wednesday 26 April 12:29pm

nirres replied to topic Starting to show...???

That all sounds familiar. I think I started to show when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I was bloated and couldnt wear my jeans cause they were uncomfortable but I am now 17 weeks pregnant and fit b...

Sunday 16 April 08:24am

nirres started new topic Always Sick

I am currently 15 weeks and have caught one thing after another I am so sick of being sick. Has this happened to anyone else? I have friends who are pregnant too and seem fine. Its so annoying so m...

Friday 31 March 01:39pm
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