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De-Anne replied to topic New member of Hi-5: Sun Park

I dont know where to find a pic of her but she is only a temporary member while Kathleen is on maternity leave

Monday 14 August 07:39am

De-Anne replied to topic Which comment best describes your attendance to playgroup:

I attend a playgroup regularly I love playgroup - despite the fact all the responsibilities have fallen to me at the moment i only miss a session if i really cant get out of whatever has come up ...

Sunday 18 June 07:07pm

De-Anne replied to topic returning to work does it make me a bad mum?

Hi. Returning to work does not make you a bad mum. Especially as you are doing it for financial reasons which mean your children can only benefit from living a more comfortable and financially secu...

Friday 16 June 08:10pm

De-Anne replied to topic So sad to leave them at Childcare for the first time

Im still struggling with the idea of putting her in. Was planning on putting her in one day a week so I could have some time to myself for a few hours (im a single sahm) but the idea of leaving her...

Tuesday 10 January 10:47pm

De-Anne replied to topic Ooo no poo!

Sounds about normal to me. The older they get the more their bowel movements regulate and they dont always need to go so much. What you just described is exactly how DD was til i put her on formula

Tuesday 10 January 10:35pm

De-Anne replied to topic How Many Bottles??

Belinda, my DD is also 10 months old and still having 3am bottle. All i can recommend is try giving food during the day before offering the bottle and hopefully you will get somewhere. im no expert...

Tuesday 10 January 04:24pm

De-Anne replied to topic is it over

ouch! im no expert but it sounds to me like its time to sit down and really talk to each other. find out what is going on, what you want from each other, and what to expect in the future. its not g...

Monday 09 January 11:01am

De-Anne started new topic Single parenthood

Hi everyone. I'm mum to a gorgeous little girl who is the light of my life. But at times I find it hard doing it all on my own. Her father lives 700km away and only sees her every 2-3 months so I...

Tuesday 08 November 09:26pm

De-Anne started new topic February - March 2005 Babies

Hello all mums with newborns. Fun isn't it. My daughter Shayley is now 6 weeks old and spending a lot of time awake during the day. Im amazed by how many people stop and ask how old she is and get ...

Tuesday 12 April 10:44am

De-Anne replied to topic Single Mum

Hi everone. Am new here but could really do with some advice. My daughter is 6 weeks old. Her father lives 700km away and it is hard for him to be able to see her. At the moment I realise she is to...

Tuesday 12 April 10:27am

De-Anne replied to topic Giving Baby Water

My dauhter is only 6 weeks old but has been having 120ml of water eah ay since she was 4 weeks. She seems to like it so i would give it a go now.

Tuesday 12 April 10:15am

De-Anne replied to topic 4mnth old babies

My daughter is only 6 weks old and I had to put her on S26 2 weeks ago. Considering she has 120 ml every 3-4 hours i'm starting to wonder if she was getting enough when i was breastfeeding her. I'...

Tuesday 12 April 10:02am
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