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Tiddles replied to topic when to start on cows milk

Cows milk is usually started at 12 months. It might be worth asking your MunCHkiN (MCHN) because if your baby is on a cow's milk based formula it may not be as much of an issue.

Wednesday 11 July 10:14am

Tiddles replied to topic conjunctivitis

Do you breast feed? Have you got any stored? IF you are then wet a piece of cotton wool and wipe the eye from the inside to the out. Only once and then throw it away. Repeat until all the gunk is...

Saturday 24 February 02:59am

Tiddles replied to topic Walkers.....Are they necessary?????

Hey Personally I never used a walker. I didn't see the point. My dd began taking steps at 9 months and never looked back since. They need to be watched very carefully when in walkers. Its up to yo...

Saturday 24 February 02:55am

Tiddles replied to topic Immunisation Reactions Anyone???

Hey I haven't had the same experience but my daughter got the measels rash from her 12 month injection. It was pretty bad, worse then they told me it would be and lasted for longer but other than...

Friday 23 February 01:25am

Tiddles replied to topic trying to unwrap 6 month old

Hey different things work for different babies. My dd was still wrapped at about 8 months and i just took one arm out and left if for a few nights, then the other for a few nights and then left i...

Wednesday 21 February 01:24am

Tiddles replied to topic My baby won't sleep through...please help.

Dear Sam17 Sorry but i have to say this, at 6 months your baby really shouldn't sleep through yet. At that age 5 - 6 hours is classed as sleeping through and your little one is doing that. Some ...

Wednesday 21 February 01:22am

Tiddles replied to topic 6 months old and still throwing up alot!

Hey Until my dd was that age she was also throwing up after every feed. I imagine that if it was reflux she would be in pain because the milk traveling back up the ( i have no idea how to spell i...

Wednesday 21 February 01:04am

Tiddles replied to topic No Teeth Yet

Hey I am totally with the other girls neurofen works wonders. A lot of people use the bonjenella gel as well. Every baby gets their teeth in their own good time. She may just cut lots and lots of ...

Wednesday 21 February 01:00am

Tiddles replied to topic How old were your babies when they started walking??

Hey My dd began taking steps at about 9 months, steps as in 4or 5 at the most. Then at 12 months she began walking confidently.

Wednesday 21 February 12:56am

Tiddles replied to topic Sucks Thumb

Hey I am quite surprised to read the amount of people that dislike thumb sucking. I realise that it is each to their own but how is sucking a thumb, or in my daughters case your index and middle...

Wednesday 21 February 12:54am

Tiddles replied to topic smoking while BF

Hey I found something similar to what you friend is talking about... According to the LLLI THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, if the mother smokes fewer than twenty cigarettes a day, the risks to her ...

Saturday 17 February 06:13pm

Tiddles replied to topic Confused about Car seat

Hey I am happy that she is still rear facing, its everyone else that keeps making comments. After watching that video, I know that I am making the right decision and I suggest that all parents wat...

Saturday 17 February 05:44pm

Tiddles replied to topic Advice And Info on When To Have Another Bub

Hey Although I am a single mum I often think about when I should have another baby. Obviously I need a man first though lol. Anyway back to the point. I think that it really depends on each person...

Saturday 17 February 03:29pm

Tiddles replied to topic smoking while BF

Hey I don't think that Donna74 should be criticized for putting chocolate into the same category as cigarettes. She was just using it as an example of some things that people put into their bodie...

Saturday 17 February 03:18pm

Tiddles started new topic Confused about Car seat

Hey Girls After reading some threads about car seats I must say that I am completely confused and at a loss as to what to do. My mchn told me that in Australia you MUST follow the weight restrict...

Saturday 17 February 03:05pm

Tiddles replied to topic Talking???

Hey My dd started saying mum and dad and nan at about 8 months i think it was. Obviously at first she didn't know what she was saying but buy about 10 months she had that association with knowing ...

Saturday 17 February 01:14pm

Tiddles replied to topic When did your bub start wearing shoes???

Hey Your actually not supposed to put shoes on babies until they are stable walkers. I think it has something to so with the bottoms of their feet and their balance. My dd is 14 months old and the...

Saturday 17 February 01:12pm

Tiddles replied to topic Planning to breastfeed long term (at least 2 yrs) anyone else?

Hey I am still breast feeding my 14 month old dd and will continue to do so until she self weens. She is on 3 breast feeds a day still. I hope that she is still feeding at 2 years but sometimes yo...

Saturday 17 February 11:05am

Tiddles replied to topic Small Babies Anyone?????????

Hey I just had my 12 month check and my dd only weighs 5.8 kg and 70 cm long. She has lost weight, due to her walking and being way too active for her age. She too eats all day.I don't think she n...

Wednesday 17 January 12:06am

Tiddles replied to topic Breastfeeding with teeth

Hey, Sorry but i'm a little bit confused when you say nipple do you actually mean your nipple or your areola. If it is your nipple then it sounds that she is not attaching properly because your ni...

Tuesday 16 January 11:57pm
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