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kelly24 replied to topic underweight???

My eldest daughter is 5 also and weighs 22 kilos. Your daughters weight dosent sound right you should get her checked by a GP. She may have a food deficency such as celiac disease.

Saturday 06 May 06:24pm

kelly24 started new topic Competitive mothers!!!

Back in 2001 - 2002 My eldest daughter Alisha was developing really slowly. She wouldn't talk, took for ever to toilet train and wasnt keeping up with other children her age. All the mothers I know...

Saturday 06 May 06:16pm

kelly24 replied to topic Getting back on track in the bedroom

I believe the feelings you have are normal. I had the same problem for the first 12 months after birth. After 3 1/2 months i dont think you will re- tear unless your bed room antics are really roug...

Saturday 06 May 05:40pm

kelly24 started new topic only wants Mum !!

My youngest daughter is now 21 months old and has decided that she no longer likes her Dad!! This is all new to me, my eldest daughter always wanted to be with Dad. My husband had a car accident so...

Saturday 22 April 07:04pm

kelly24 started new topic Needing a break

Sometimes life with kids is just to hard. I have a 5yo and 20 mo. I spend 15 hours a day screaming, 5 hours running around after kids and 4 hours sleeping....and im expected to enjoy this.... Where...

Saturday 22 April 06:45pm

kelly24 replied to topic Mum's are you working?

My advise would be to get back into the work force as soon as possible. I have been a stay at home mum for 5 and 1/2 years and noone wants to employ me. No employer wants to know me. I completed ye...

Friday 21 April 07:58pm

kelly24 replied to topic who could u not live without

Your relationship with your mothers all sound like fairytales. I wish I could say the same about mine but the truth is she works full time, lives 45 minutes away and has a 5 year old child herself....

Friday 21 April 07:36pm

kelly24 replied to topic favourite sayings

Do nothing then rest

Friday 21 April 06:51pm
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