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*Kris* started new topic Picky eating

I have three children ... Two being special needs ... Some of the biggest daily challenges I face are to do with food and eating.... I've had them in an amazing wholefood supplement and things...

Monday 02 June 06:59pm

*Kris* replied to topic $21 Challange

wow...thats great. i might look further into it then :0)

Monday 29 July 02:25pm

*Kris* replied to topic Mamma Bake

where a group of woman get together and "big batch" cook....then share out the food..... Its mums supporting mums, cause wer such busy people already

Monday 29 July 02:23pm

*Kris* started new topic Mamma Bake

Has any one done a Mamma Bake before? x

Sunday 28 July 07:39am

*Kris* replied to topic Putting super easy cake in the over ......

LindyLou78 wrote: At creche, any recipe with sugar - the amount is halved. Probably could do that with this recipe, but add some fruit instead. l use dates in this one. If you've got a slow...

Sunday 28 July 07:31am

*Kris* started new topic $21 Challange

I was just on the Simple Savings website and noticed the $21 Challange ....has any one read or done this? I didnt get a chance to look super closley, but from what I saw the idea is that using the ...

Sunday 28 July 07:27am

*Kris* started new topic Felt boards

Has anyone ever made one? My kids are doing Ausland and I have lainated and blown up the symbols and want to place them around the house. Im thinking of putting sticky velcro dots on the back and m...

Tuesday 16 July 12:41pm

*Kris* replied to topic Birthday party advice

nice.....thats really sweet do you make them?

Tuesday 09 July 01:33pm

*Kris* replied to topic Birthday party advice

thats so cute!

Monday 08 July 08:31pm

*Kris* replied to topic Birthday party advice

Actually what did you guys put in your "lolly" bags?

Monday 08 July 07:51pm

*Kris* replied to topic Birthday party advice

Thanks guys.....I actually think Im just as excited as she is....bloody expensive though... I love the craft idea and ball pit cause a few of my friends have wee little ones and it would be lovley ...

Monday 08 July 07:49pm

*Kris* started new topic Birthday party advice

Guys Im having a party for my lil gal whos a prepie this year. I have booked a petting zoo. The plan so far is to have the animals there from 2 ill 3 30, then have a cake and finish at 4. I was thi...

Monday 08 July 04:25pm

*Kris* started new topic NITS! I HATE THEM!

We have had a run of nits through my daughters long beautiful hair for the last three months! I treat it twice a week and comb it out with conditioner and i just cant seem to get rid of them. I hav...

Sunday 07 July 11:47am

*Kris* replied to topic Feeling so stuck, will it ever get better

he is abusive...get out. people like him need to realise that what they are doing is wrong, for them to change and fix the situation.... if he cant, he will never change.

Saturday 09 February 08:01am

*Kris* replied to topic Lunchbox ideas for a toddler

baked beans, rice cakes and crackers, home made biccies and slices, muslie bars, raw vegie sticks with yog/ dips, cheese cubes, yog, dried and fresh fruits, tinned fruit, sushi...... theres heaps ...

Saturday 09 February 07:21am

*Kris* replied to topic climbing out of cot

thanks guys....i really just didnt think he was ready for a bed. ll have to give it a crack tho. thanks x

Tuesday 05 February 11:54am

*Kris* started new topic School Kids Bonus

Has anyone else not received thiers yet either?

Tuesday 05 February 11:51am

*Kris* started new topic climbing out of cot

i have tryed eveything monkey man is constantly climbing out of his cot, even at random hours of the night and early morn. i have tryed consistantly putting him back in and not having eye...

Tuesday 05 February 11:45am
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