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Jax82 replied to topic Dad just called- confused and upset i don't know if he's lying or telling the truth? Please help!

It's just my personal opinion, but it sounds suss to me... but I also realise it would be really hard for you to find out if he's actually telling the truth or not !! What I can remember from some ...

Sunday 07 January 06:32pm

Jax82 replied to topic Help!! moving in cot

What about trying a safety sleep?

Sunday 07 January 06:29pm

Jax82 replied to topic is it safe.

If you want to try and prevent him from rolling, try a safety sleep or safety wedge, I prefer the safety sleep for my DD even though I know she can roll both ways.

Sunday 31 December 06:52pm

Jax82 replied to topic Would you buy......

Yep ! Sure would.

Sunday 31 December 09:59am

Jax82 replied to topic 6 mo cc when crawling around cot

I use a thing called a safety sleep to keep my daughter from moving around too much in the cot, the main part of it wraps around the mattress, and then a second part on top velcros around their tor...

Sunday 31 December 05:42am

Jax82 replied to topic Offering formula to breastfed baby as last feed before bedtime?

I won't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what *I* did... which was let the sleep deprivation get to me, and it almost literally send me around the bend. I wasn't enjoying nor bonding well wi...

Saturday 30 December 04:02am

Jax82 replied to topic S26 Gold Formula

Can't say I have sorry, and we've just been on holiday to Aussie and bought some there for our DD and it was fine too - hope you get an answer though !

Wednesday 06 December 04:07pm

Jax82 replied to topic How long b4 your....????

I was told mine would take about two weeks, but I reckon they actually took around 10 days. If you've got a bathtub, having a soak in a bath with a bit of sea salt added can help.

Friday 22 September 02:37pm

Jax82 replied to topic If I can help anyone

Do you have MSN Julie? I'd like to get in touch if that's OK with you.

Thursday 21 September 03:35am

Jax82 replied to topic Constipation "HELP"

What kind of formula is she on ?

Tuesday 29 August 02:26am

Jax82 replied to topic crawling

You could try using a Safety Sleep or sleep wedge to keep her in place during the night, I don't know if they are called Safety Sleeps in Aussie but they basically attach to the cot mattress, then ...

Monday 28 August 02:12pm

Jax82 replied to topic Dad needs help sleeping

I'm not sure I can offer any really useful advice, because I used to be the same way and eventually just got used to it ! I had to be really relaxed to go to sleep though, and found an eye mask (to...

Friday 25 August 11:56am

Jax82 replied to topic Can you eat sushi when pregnant?

I know a lot of people will say no, because of something to do with the rice - and the risk of bacteria if it has been sitting around for a while. Sorry about the vagueness, (mummy brain!) but I'm ...

Thursday 24 August 03:58pm

Jax82 replied to topic Lactose intolerant/Reflux

Try adding some gripe water to her bottles, either that or some cooled boiled water can sometimes help.

Wednesday 23 August 01:44pm

Jax82 replied to topic Need some ideas for husband with 1 arm

I can't say that I have any experience with this kind of problem, but I had a thought as far as feeding goes... if bub is bottle fed, and hubby sits in a comfortable chair or on the couch, if you h...

Wednesday 23 August 04:57am

Jax82 replied to topic The "next" child - When to?

Don't worry, my girl is only just coming up to six weeks old and I have had a few odd thoughts of having another one already ! I do want to just enjoy my DD while she is still so little though, so ...

Tuesday 22 August 10:07am

Jax82 replied to topic SOS book- Should I put my baby to bed any earlier than 20mins before the scheduled time if I know he is tired that day??

As much as I know that life can be a whole lot easier when you have a routine to stick to, you have to be flexible with babies especially when they are really little - so I would say if your DS is ...

Tuesday 22 August 10:03am

Jax82 replied to topic when did you baby teethe??

I remember you saying you might be having trouble with formula, and wondering if maybe the symptoms (including dribbling) could indicate reflux? I might be way off base though. I think babies can t...

Tuesday 22 August 09:59am

Jax82 replied to topic womens bodies

I will second the recommendation for this website, it's awesome, and I check it almost every day for new stories... !!

Tuesday 22 August 05:52am

Jax82 replied to topic breastfeeding with formula night feeds

I have tried it as my original intent was to switch over to formula over an extended period of time while continuing to bf 50/50. The first night we gave our DD a bottle of formula for her "last" f...

Monday 21 August 03:51am
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