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poptart02 started new topic Would you say something

I am seeking opinions here on whether or not to say something and if I do should it be anon. or up front....the issue is the local catholic school, which we attend, is VERY strict on boundaries and...

Saturday 16 July 08:50pm

poptart02 replied to topic soy milk

I suppose every child would be different but in my case my DS could not tolerate milk proteins and was on a prescription formula (I really cannot recall the name). Anyway at about 10-11 months he ...

Friday 20 May 05:48pm

poptart02 replied to topic Where can I get a good quality princess costume?

Check out They have adorable costumes. I just bought one for my DD at our local dance shop and it was just a fraction over your budget Well worth it!

Monday 21 March 06:05pm

poptart02 replied to topic Food for DS 1st bday

you can make your own sweet or savoury scrolls. I often do cinnamon or pizza or cheese and vegemite. You can make them up and leave them in the fridge to just pop in the oven that morning. I hav...

Wednesday 09 February 06:09pm

poptart02 replied to topic First Birthday present

When my children turned 1 fort a keepsake I got them a coin set from their year of birth from the Mint.....something different I thought.

Friday 21 January 10:31pm

poptart02 started new topic Mummy & Me Day Spa Packages

As the title says, I am trying to find a beauty Salon that offers such a thing for a bit of mummy and daughter pampering, preferably around the SE suburbs of Melbourne...anyone have any suggestions...

Tuesday 04 January 09:25pm

poptart02 replied to topic how to get help

Most hospitals have Social Worker's, even for the outpatient departments, especially oncology. I would suggest once she starts treatment getting onto the social work department at the hospital and...

Thursday 23 December 01:49am

poptart02 replied to topic Kris Kringle ideas

A book???? Those "That's not my...." range are great for kids of both those ages and you can get them from the huggies bookclub delivered free (saves the shops too!!)....

Monday 29 November 06:05pm

poptart02 replied to topic Kids wooden kitchens

Target had the Masterchef one for $99 in there most recent toy catalouge, so they might have some left.

Wednesday 24 November 06:47pm

poptart02 replied to topic DD's sensitive skin - what products can I use?

My DD has the same problem with her cheeks. After going t GP's I went to a dermatologist who gave me a cream that is his own formal designed for her (lots of trial and error). Anyway one main ing...

Saturday 13 November 07:54pm

poptart02 replied to topic Chicken Salad?

I have often done that crunch noodle salad (recipe on the back of the noodles pack) and added chicken to it. It travels well as you don't dress it until serving so i have all the bits separate the...

Thursday 04 November 08:13pm

poptart02 started new topic Inspirational ideas for gifts for teachers...

I have heaps of teachers t buy or tis year between kinder, dancing and other activities and need help The more mature ones are easy, nice tea towels, Christmas decorations stuff like that but the...

Thursday 04 November 07:10pm

poptart02 started new topic Baby & kids markets

I have decided to get a stall at the local kids market to offload heaps of the kids clothes that don't fit...i have mostly labels like Country Road, Pumpkin Patch, Ouch, Freshbaked, Seed Little Leo...

Sunday 27 June 09:47pm

poptart02 replied to topic Soon to have 2 kids under 14months

I had 12 months between my two, and I agree with the previous poster. I also found that my younger was on one day sleep (at about noon)so early on i made sure i feed both at the same time. The ol...

Friday 04 June 05:05pm

poptart02 replied to topic Where to go?

The Press Club is nice and off to Maze in a couple of weeks so cannot comment yet but I have heard good reports. I love Bistro Guillaume which we have been to numerous times so that says something...

Thursday 29 April 03:57am

poptart02 started new topic photographer

Hi Looking for a photographer in SE Melbourne. I want some natural type photos of the kids, at a park or something...our usual one has moved interstate...Thanks

Friday 02 April 04:34am

poptart02 replied to topic Doll's house

Just picked one up that I had on lay by from the toy sales...3 levels and big enough to fit Barbies, elevator and roof top area too...I paid $196. I know Big W always have a similar one for the sa...

Thursday 17 December 05:15am

poptart02 replied to topic How much...

We always spend way too much, but I am also a savvy shopper so have got alot of stuff on sale....probably aout $1000 each

Tuesday 15 December 02:32pm

poptart02 replied to topic thank you/xmas gift ideas please...

I do similar type work and always find it very awkward when a "client" gives me a gift...and most colleagues I know feel the same. A thank you card is always greatly appreciated and readily accept...

Tuesday 08 December 02:22pm

poptart02 replied to topic What occasion for present wishlist?

I think weddings and possibly baby showers would be OK. I know someone who has just had one at a major department store for her Kitchen Tea....thought that was a bit of over kill

Sunday 15 November 11:18am
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