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jillybean started new topic My baby has eye bags! HELP!

My darling boy is 21 months old and has eye bags! I'm so unhappy about it. He is a very happy active baby but when people see him, they always comment on his eye bags as if to imply that i am not m...

Tuesday 04 March 08:48pm

jillybean started new topic My baby has eye bags!

sorry i dunno how to delete this post. The post is also in GENERAL section. Thanks [Edited on 03/03/2008]

Tuesday 04 March 08:40pm

jillybean started new topic Oversleeping during the day?

Can a 5 week old oversleep during the day? MY little one had about 3-4 naps lasting anywhere between 1.5 - 2.5 hours BTW - I consider daytime naps to be from wake time to about 5 He is still n...

Thursday 06 July 11:07am

jillybean started new topic is your baby a light sleeper in early evening?

my 5 wk old bub is a very light sleeper from 7 - 10pm. He can easily falls asleep on our arms but after 15 - 30 mins he'll wake up and would cry 0r fuss about (if he's still being carried) is you...

Wednesday 05 July 07:10am

jillybean replied to topic Wind - Burping & Farting

my little man is also the same... sometimes burps and farts at the same time. I guess it's good that it comes out one way or the other.

Tuesday 04 July 04:42am

jillybean started new topic Sore breast - not just nipples

i just recently started having pains on my right boob. It was like someones pulling the nerve endings of my breast. My nipples and aerola are tender from feeding but i don't know why my entire brea...

Friday 30 June 06:42am

jillybean started new topic crying with eyes closed

does it mean they are still asleep when they cry when their eyes still closed?

Wednesday 28 June 11:08am

jillybean started new topic Growth Spurt and fussiness

i have a 4 week 2 days old baby. The MCHN said that he'll go through a growth spurt soon. How can i tell that he is going through it? What are the signs? and how long does it last for? My little...

Wednesday 28 June 10:54am

jillybean started new topic Grunting / fussy evenings / Growth spurts

I have a little 3 weeks and 5 days old baby boy and he seems to grunt a lot. At times when he is feeding (while latched on the boob), at times when he is asleep, at time when he is trying to get t...

Saturday 24 June 03:38pm

jillybean started new topic How long does it take to burp your baby

at times i'm lucky to be able to burp him straight away but other times, there's no luck. Should i persists even if bub has already fallen asleep while i'm trying to burp him? How long sholud i t...

Saturday 24 June 12:19pm

jillybean started new topic 4 week old baby routine

Hello, Just need to ask, is it wrong that we still do this hospital routine: Sleep Feed 1 breast Nappy change to wake up baby A bit if chat Feed 2nd breast (he'll then fall asleep on it) Pat...

Friday 23 June 01:47pm

jillybean started new topic Safety 1st Cots from Coles Myer - would you recommend it?

Would you recommend a Safety 1st Cot for a new baby? Just want to get some feedback before we buy. It is cheaper than normal cot and looks pretty good. Any feedback? Thanks heaps!!

Wednesday 03 May 05:12am
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