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mumz_of_three replied to topic 18 weeks pregnant.. Flu jab?

I personally refuse to get any vaccinations when pregnant, I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and the flu jab has been offered to me I'm just worried about the side effects from it, I have 2...

Sunday 05 May 12:44pm

mumz_of_three replied to topic Elective Caesarean NZ

Hi, Yes the hospitals do provide elective but they try and avoid the topic, you just have to push for it explaining your medical conditions.

Saturday 04 May 10:44am

mumz_of_three started new topic Prams and Mildew

Hi there, Im just after a bit of advice/insight on a pram I have that has been covered in Mildew/Mould due to being stored in the garage where I've had a dryer going. Pram is Phil and teds a...

Saturday 04 May 10:19am
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