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  3.’s profile replied to topic What does everyone with parents do for christmas? RE: extended family

My partners parents and mine live a couple of hours apart. So we just do Christmas day with one family and boxing day with the other.

Friday 19 September 02:49pm replied to topic Boys names

Here's a few more you may like Benjamin Isadore Malachi Ruben John Michael Raphael Caleb Philip Jaime Lyndon Hope this helps

Friday 19 September 10:54am replied to topic teeth coming in the wrong order

Thanks for all your replies its nice to know that its not something wrong. My mum was a little concerned I think because I have a couple of adult teeth that have never come through. But I think my ...

Friday 19 September 10:47am started new topic teeth coming in the wrong order

Hi I found this odd and was wondering if anyone else has had the same thing with their bubs. My daughter is 15 and a half months old and has had 3 molars come through. She has all four central inci...

Thursday 18 September 12:30pm replied to topic Are Paps important?

Im having my 3rd bubba and have never had a pap smear. every doctor ive spoken to has recommended doing one after ive had the baby not during the pregnancy

Thursday 18 September 12:08pm replied to topic Frustrated grr!!

my advice is not to panic too much. Remember ultrasounds are not 100% accurate and stressing can sometimes make things worse then they really are originally. if you feel something is wrong do what ...

Friday 17 May 11:46am replied to topic Catherine likes Tristan, Lillian or Benjamin. What do you think?

ive got it down to Tristan Michael and Benjamin Gabriel still not sure bout the girls name but ive take out gwenevere

Tuesday 07 May 12:45pm replied to topic Tristan - boy or girl's name?

I love Tristan as a boys name. i think it can be both but i think the girls is spelt Tristen.

Saturday 27 April 07:10pm started new topic Catherine likes Tristan, Lillian or Benjamin. What do you think?

I can't decide between these names: ..........if its a girl the second name will be Micaela-Rose and if its a boy the second name will be either Michael or Gabriel what do you guys think? ...

Saturday 27 April 07:03pm replied to topic Is gas classed as a drug for a 'drug free labour'?

During my labor i found gas brilliant mind you childrens panadol will normally knock me out and i only started using gas at about 20 hours in.. not sure about wether its classed as drug free but i&...

Monday 15 April 05:54pm replied to topic Advice needed please bleeding at 5ish weeks

i was going through a really stressful time when i fell preg, and i started bleeding when i was about 6 weeks. i totally freaked out. but because it was so early on i was told that theres nothing t...

Monday 15 April 11:10am replied to topic Name help! How would you pronounce this name?

giggle&laugh wrote: I would pronounce it Kar-eem as it reminds me of a middle eastern type name

Monday 08 April 02:21pm replied to topic Help me narrow it down!

girl- Isla Audrey Boy- Grayson Oakley

Monday 08 April 02:03pm started new topic Opinions please

Violet is pretty. for the boys i like Lucas best with that middle name

Monday 08 April 01:58pm replied to topic Baby Boy Name Needed !!

Reuban Malachi Ricky Joshua Lucas Nicholas hope these help

Saturday 06 April 06:54pm replied to topic Andrea likes Jackson, Georgia or Faith. What do you think?

i like Faith and Jamie

Saturday 06 April 06:32pm
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